OPINION: Who Do The Democrats Represent?

By: Kevin Dube – 4-24

The Democrats in our state appear to be waging a war on the citizens of the Commonwealth. Decades of failed policies from Democrat rule has led to massive out migration of residents from Massachusetts.

Rather than concern themselves with citizens leaving the state, our Democratic “leadership” is working overtime to accommodate those illegally entering the country. Provided they don’t end up in Martha’s Vineyard, of course.

Currently our greatest issue is Massachusetts “Right to Shelter” law.

This law requires that Massachusetts taxpayers provide housing, food, education, etc. to virtually anyone that comes to our state regardless of legal status. Major legislation is being discussed in closed doors meetings regarding how many more taxpayer dollars the state is going to spend on “the migrant crisis.”

The House passed a bill spending over a quarter of a billion dollars on housing President Biden’s “new arrivals.”

Karen Spika’s senate has gone even further with a $750 million dollar plan that gives the governor carte blanche to spend down government savings accounts without any legislative oversight to encourage more migrants, formerly known as illegal aliens, to come to our state at taxpayer expense.

Massachusetts Democrats have a long history of prioritizing the interests of “migrants” over US Citizens. Massachusetts has long been, at least de-facto, a sanctuary state. In 2022 Democrats granted driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, over Governor Baker’s veto. We now have in state college tuition rates for illegal aliens.

Current legislation includes more benefits such as workforce training and English language education for President Biden’s “New Arrivals.” Never mind our long-standing tradition of not working with ICE to remove criminal aliens.

Existing measures have been sold to the electorate as humanitarian steps to accommodate the rights of current “undocumented” immigrants. Democratic leadership’s solution to our current problems, from the Governor down, is that we need to give these “new arrivals” work permits.

These actions serve as incentives to simply announce that Massachusetts is open to everyone, regardless of legal status. Why are we incentivizing “migrants” to come here at the expense of the taxpaying citizenry?

Truly, who do our elected “representatives” represent?

To make change we need candidates willing to step up. North Andover is currently “represented” in the house by 2 of the most radical members of the state legislature, Tram Nguyen, and Adrianne Ramos. In the Senate Barry Feingold has consistently come down on the wrong side of issues affecting our citizens.

We are fortunate in that precincts 7 & 8 are properly represented by Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, who has sponsored many amendments to the unconscionable legislation being promoted by the Democrats. However, to change our course we need people to run for office.

To date no one is challenging Representatives Nguyen or Ramos or Senator Feingold. If you ever have considered running for office now is the time. We either put our Commonwealth back on the right track, or choose the path so many of our neighbors have done and flee this failing state. Please contact me if you are interested in running for office.

Kevin Dube is the Chairman of the North Andover Republican Town Committee. He can be reached at northandovergop@gmail.com. ◊