The Holidays in North Andover, Massachusetts

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   December, 2009 One of the reasons the entire Valley Patriot editorial board loves living in North Andover is because the town has never bowed down to political correctness. We’d drive by the common during the holidays and enjoy seeing a Jewish menorah and Christmas tree. We also enjoyed passing the “Merry […]

Sgt. Maj. Eric Nelson, U.S. Army (retired)

Sgt. Maj. Eric Nelson, U.S. Army (retired)

VALLEY PATRIOT OF THE MONTH – HERO IN OUR MIDST   December 2009 – While attending the North Andover Veteran’s Day observances, I was privileged to listen to guest speaker Sgt. Major Eric Nelson. Nelson is a retired U.S. Army officer of 24 years. he spent his first career in the U.S. Army and is […]

Lawrence City Council refuses to set tax rate, sticks freshmen councilors with budget mess

Blanchette Pats himself on the back while purposely trying to create budget deficit, state takeover    By: Tom Duggan, December, 2009   Under the leadership of Council President Patrick Blanchette, the Lawrence City Council spent the last two years taking “symbolic” budget votes, blaming the Sullivan administration for their own inaction, and refusing to pass […]