2018 Valley Patriot BASH! Scholarship UPDATE!


The Valley Patriot newspaper is holding our 14th Anniversary BASH on Friday, March 23rd at the Firefighter’s Relief In at 7pm. TICKETS HERE

The Valley Patriot gives awards to police, firefighters, veterans, and presents scholarships to worthy high school seniors in the Merrimack Valley paid for by generous donors and advertisers of the Valley Patriot newspaper.

As of our last donation Thursday (3-22-18)
here is a list of scholarships and donors!

coadysThe Dan Coady, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
(established by Al Vielleux)
Goal $2,000
RAISED: $3,700 

Myles Burke  $100.00
Kevin Leach  $100.00
Marc DiSalvo  $100.00
Cynthia Aziz Kannan  $100.00
Francisco Paulino  $150.00
Martineau’s Towing  $250.00
Al Veilleux  $500.00
Mike Buco and Sons Construction  $500.00
Joe Viel  $500.00
Mammola Electric  $500.00
Jen Kannan  $100.00
Tasha Raye Kinsman Ryan  $800.00


Valley Patriot – Lawrence High ROTC Scholarship

RAISED: $2,450

Alexcy Vega for Reg of Deeds  $100.00
Steve Panagiotakos  $100.00
Dan Mackland Rivera  $100.00
Denise & Chris Farley  $150.00
Lawrence Firefighters  $500.00
Geoff Diehl  $500.00
Eugene Smith,
Military Connections


The Whittier High School Scholarship (Goal $1,000)

RAISED $1,000

Alan Potvin  $100.00
Rich Russell  $100.00
Al Veilleux  $300.00
Lenny Mirra  $500.00


The Gr. Lawrence Tech School Scholarship (Goal $1,000)

RAISED: $1,500
Laborer’s Union Local 175/Mike Gagliardi $1,000
Tim Wood, Publisher Methuen Loop Weekly $500

The Team Zingales/Century 21 Scholarship (Goal $1,000)
RAISED: $1,000
Donation by Century 21/Team Zingales
Joe Zingales & Rosanna Zingales-Lopez $1,000