2023 Endorsements in Tomorrow’s Lawrence Municipal Elections

Fidelina Santiago with TMF members at city hall Carlos Morra, Tom Duggan & Kevin Drouin

Here are my endorsements in the 2023 Lawrence Elections


(Elect three): Most of the time in an At-Large election, it’s hard to find three good candidates. I usually support one or two and then struggle with coming up with a third to endorse. Not so this year, as there are actually four candidates – out of six – who deserve your vote but, you can only vote for three!

So you are going to have to choose for yourself which three to vote for.

My picks are; Rich Russell, Celina Reyes, Ana Levy, and Jeovanny Rodriguez.

I know my friends in the mayor’s office may not like all of my picks but I have my reasons and I think they are good ones.

Rich Russell and Jeovanny Rodriguez are not team players, and while that’s usually a bad thing, on a board like a city council or school committee that can be a really good thing. When any public board finds themselves agreeing most of the time, they get stale and become rubber stamps.

While that hasn’t really happened with this current council, it’s because of Rodriguez and Russell not always going along with the crowd. Celina Reyes and Ana Levy are both voices of reason that back the administration on important projects and proposals that benefit the city and when they have disagreement with the administration they do it privately and resolve the matter without public grandstanding.


DISTRICT A: Fidelina Santiago
DISTRICT B: Wendy Luzon
DISTRICT C: Gregory DelRosario
DISTRICT D: Vivian Marmol
DISTRICT E: Stephany Infante, and
DISTRICT F: Marc Laplante.

For the Greater Lawrence Technical School Committee.

The voters can choose three candidates. I am only endorsing two; Leo Lamontagne deserves your vote for the decades he has served on this board and his institutional knowledge of policies and procedures.

I am also supporting Julio Mejia in the hopes that the recent high school graduate can learn from Lamontagne. Julio works in the Lawrence Mayor’s office and has the ear of the mayor as well as a genuine interest in making a difference.