24 Year Old Launches Skin Care Line for Dark Skinned Consumers

By: Tomas G Michel – December, 2019

gonzalezLowell, MA — The beauty products and cosmetic industry reached 52.3 billion in revenue during 2019, with an annual growth of 1.3% since 2014, according to a market research with Ibis World. Makeup products are typically found in retailers that are very accessible to the public, and in the past years have opened to serve to a more diverse clientele; an inclusive range of skin shades, though with a significant factor that’s still missing from the shelves: skin care for darker complexions.

Rafaela Gonzalez recently incorporated a company with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that wants to assist a traditionally underrepresented demographic in the beauty community. Launching a skincare line that pledges to aid its dark-skinned users to fight problematics such as hyperpigmentation and discoloration while protecting from the environment’s aggressors.

She started creating homemade natural soaps that would sell to family, friends and in local markets. Wanting to satisfy a need that was not being supplied by the established brands.

Eventually, through perseverance and hard work, from handcrafted masks and cleansers, it evolved into a formal four-products-line that is now available in her website and the Company’s office.

She states that is a priority to make a difference in the community by tackling problematics such as the lack of diversity and utilizing ingredients that are ethical and healthy in the products she creates. Consequently, leading to manufacture a line with a soap, a toner mist, a skin oil and a serum that have a mission of inclusivity.

Despite the fact that Latina business owners face greater obstacles than their male counterparts, which has a negative impact in the venture sustainability, Rafaela did not dismayed by the statistics. She created a concept that offered value to her public to differentiate from the establishment. Meeting a demand for the particular niche she intends to sell this product to.

“Being Afro-Latina, I grew up not feeling as beautiful as other girls. I could not find assertive options in the stores to help me take care of common problematic that dark-skinned people have” Says Rafaela while describing her brand as natural and with high quality ingredients. She celebrated a launch party on October 12th at the brand’s home office, located in 50 Stedman St in Lowell, MA.

Whether American, Latin, Asian or Middle Eastern, Rafaela wanted to serve the brown/dark-skinned community with a product that rather than being discretionary, promises to change a whole industry. Projections stablish that there will be an annualized rate increase of 0.2% in the beauty industry for the upcoming years, a good opportunity for Gloryscent to diversify its scope of service and release more skincare lines, with different missions to serve its community. Hopefully driving more wealth throughout the region and creating employment for others.

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