Welcome to Obama’s Grand Libyan Adventure


By: Jeff Katz – April, 2011

And we’re off on Obama’s grand Libyan adventure. After weeks of dithering, golfing and vacationing the pretender in chief finally decided to do something about Libya. He truly seemed confused about the proper course of action and so he did what he is best at, he blamed George W. Bush. It is truly amazing to see that years after Dubya rode into that Texas sunset, Bush Derangement Syndrome still holds strong among the progressives and their fearful leader.

With no Congressional input or counsel, let alone a vote of any sort the Dalai Bama decreed that Americans would be dispatched to Libya to enforce a no fly zone ordered by the United Nations. Funny, how our primary apologist for American exceptionalism did find time to chat with members of the world’s least relevant debate society but somehow could not squeeze in a few minutes with our Senators or Congressmen. And it was not just Republicans he ignored, he totally blew off Democrats as well. I guess when you have received counsel from the leaders of Pitcairn Island and Lichtenstein you’re as clued in as you need to be.

So, off to Libya we go. What is our mission, Mister President? How long will we be involved, Mister President? What is our goal, Mister President? The silence you hear is the anointed one avoiding any attempt at answering those questions. In fact, instead of clearly outlining his plan for the American people, the current occupant of the Oval Office spent twenty seven minutes yammering about how bad Moammar Khadafy is and how in the big picture, that was all Bush’s fault.

I know Khadafy is a bad guy. Everyone knows he is a bad guy. He is like Brussels sprouts. Everyone hates him and with good reason. He is a psychopathic, sociopath murderous thug. The problem is there are dozens like him in the world. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates declared that Libya did not pose a threat and stated that there was no pressing American interest there. Nonetheless his boss ordered us in to this war.

Obama says that we are there for humanitarian reasons, but we are dropping bombs not food. Obama tells us how terrible Khadafy is and then says, but we will not target Khadafy. The only appropriate response to that is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

As I write this comes word that the White House is now giving the go ahead to arm “the rebels.” Tiny little detail that I feel compelled to raise is that “the rebels” include members of Al-qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood! Gosh, I must have missed the memo that said we should arm our own declared enemies.

Even the Obamatons at the networks knew enough not to give this guy a prime time television spot for his speech, so my boys and I had to miss a rerun of The Simpsons, which I think would have shed at least as much light on the Libyan excursion as we heard the other night. As Homer would say, D’ohbama you’ve done it again.