3 Lawrence Cops in Hospital After Heroic Car Fire Rescue



Three Lawrence Police Officers are at Lawrence General Hospital after saving a man who’s car rolled over and caught fire. 

Witnessed tell The Valley Patriot that a man ran a stop sign on Kent and South Union Street and struck a police officer who was just leaving a private detail.

The man’s car rolled over and caught fire. Lawrence Police, with the assistance of an off duty firefighter, broke the car windows, with at least one officer climbing into the burning car and pulling the man to safety. 

The man was on fire when the officers pulled him from the burning car. 

The operator of the vehicle a 70 year old Haverhill Man was treated on scene by Paramedics and EMT’s from Lawrence General Hospital [LGH] and transported by Ambulance to that facility, and subsequently airlifted to a Boston Hospital in serious condition. 

One Officer has been admitted to the hospital for smoke inhalation.  The other two were treated and released.  

             “These Officers along with an off-duty fire-fighter, and a member public acted heroically without hesitation and with great risk to themselves to free this man from harms way,” said Police Chief James Fitzpatrick