A Cause For Celebration… And a Somber Remembrance

Valley Patriot Editorial – March, 2010


This month, The Valley Patriot celebrates the 6th anniversary since our very first edition, published back in March of 2004. Since then, we have published 76 editions and close to a million individual newspapers. We never could’ve imagined back then that our 25 locations would grow to more than 800 distribution points throughout The Valley. It was inconceivable that our 16 page paper back in 2004 would grow to 52 pages, or that our 4 target communities would grow to more than 26 cities and towns!

Ironically, as we celebrate such an amazing accomplishment, this month also marks a somber occasion, the 20th anniversary of Lawrence Police Officer Tom Duggan Senior’s murder back in 1990.

We would like to thank the countless number of people who have contributed to the incredible success of The Valley Patriot in six short years, many with no compensation.

We also want to take this opportunity to remember the ultimate sacrifice made by Officer Duggan, the injustice of his murderer going free and the pain still felt by Duggan’s family, friends, colleagues and the citizens he protected every single day.

We encourage you to read Officer Duggan’s story on page 36.