A Clockwork Orange America

By: Ken Willette – 07-22

Stanley Kubrick, who was considered one of the greatest directors of all-time, directed a masterpiece film on a futurist society where young thugs brazenly terrorize innocent bystanders without swift repercussions by law enforcement or judges.

It was an indictment of the criminal justice system that created a demographic group that grew immune and unafraid of weak or non-existent punishment. Even the main criminal in the movie is paraded as a celebrity because of the vigilante justice inflicted upon him. In countless examples across this incredible country, liberals are creating the same type of society and must be confronted immediately before it is too late.

Even before the mayhem, carnage and anarchy encouraged by the Leftists in 2020, many Blue State Legislatures were already laying the groundwork for a hyper-criminal fueled backlash. They implemented very questionable criminal justice reform measures that gave blanket immunity to juveniles for major crimes. Naturally, gangs took advantage of the loopholes. Notice the random incidents of violence directed by juvenile gangs around Boston and you will find the genesis of their actions in liberal laws implemented within the last three years.

Another calling card of disastrous liberal lawmaking has been the increase of the monetary threshold for shoplifting and retail crimes charged as felonies. Business owners are repeatedly victimized because only large-scale crimes are now considered serious. The same business owners are now forced to pass the costs of inventory loss to consumers, who are already burdened by massive inflationary forces. Criminals became even more outlandish by coordinating smash and grab operations. Again, they are taking advantage of loopholes and such organized crimes are currently at epidemic levels.

Bail Reform has allowed violent and dangerous criminals back onto the streets—often on the same day of arrest. Liberal District Attorneys in California are lessening charges against hardened criminals who are escalating their crimes. The Dave Chapelle incident is a prime example. Unfortunately, law enforcement has become increasingly powerless to confront the rising wave of criminal activity. Leftists in New York, Washington, Oregon and other Blue States have waged open warfare against professional and educated law enforcement agents. They have approved defunding measures (New York City). They have restricted rules of engagement and probable cause options for police car pursuits, foot chases and basic stops. Leftist lawmakers have so micromanaged police tactics as to directly endanger the lives of law enforcement every day. While major crimes are exploding in Democratically controlled cities, the murder rate of police officers rose by 59% since 2021.

Crime has gotten so bad in New York City that BLM leaders have called for better solutions, which is ironic because their policies have a direct bearing on subway attacks, shootings, hate crimes, rapes, revolving door bail hearings and open-door shoplifting.
But are we really surprised by Leftist ideas and consequences on crime? It seems that all Leftists dream about is 1,000 ways to free criminals. Border Security suddenly is an evil idea again. Driver’s licenses to illegal aliens are acceptable in a criminal-centric society. There can’t be monetary bail to protect innocent people from poor criminals because they languish in jail. Unarmed social workers and counselors can solve domestic calls.

What happened to the law-and-order Democrats? The Democrats who proudly imposed the death penalty, who celebrated 100,000 new police officers on the streets in 1994 due to federal monies and who used common sense to establish mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes. They have been replaced by the worst leaders imaginable. They condemn police but they themselves are shielded by a wall of taxpayer-funded security. They commit crimes, such as DUIs, but refuse to resign from office. They call police racists, even though African American, Asian and Latino brothers and sisters serve and die every day to protect a multiracial nation.

Thousands of businesses utilize E-Verify to determine immigration status, so a driver’s license won’t guarantee a job at most worksites anyways. And millions of people are homeless across the nation, but we will let in thousands of illegal migrants to flood the system.

Voters are starting to challenge Leftists at the ballot box. Recall petitions are enjoying success again. (San Francisco’s District Attorney was recently removed by an outraged liberal voter base.) There may be a pendulum swing back to real crime prevention and real results. We are at a tipping point that may negatively affect us for decades to come. ◊