A few years late… Eagle Tribune Finally Weighs in on McGravey Matter



SUNDAY, APRIL 13, 2008

City Clerk James Mcgravey
City Clerk James Mcgravey

It doesn’t take much courage to come out and take a stand on an important public issue after that issue has been decided upon and concluded in a court of law.

.. years after other newspapers have discussed and debated the issue a hundred different ways.

Today, however, the Alabama~Eagle FINALLY took a stand against Lawrence City Council President Patrick Blanchette’s harassment of former assistant city clerk Jennifer Padellaro.

FINALLY (years after the fact) the Alabama~Eagle has acknowledged that Padellaro was the victim of sexual harassment at the hands of Patrick Blanchette’s best friend Jim McGravey. Finally, the Trib. admits that Blanchette acted illegally in protecting McGravey. FINALLY! they have the courage (after the fact) to put the blame squarely on Lawrence city officials …Finally!

But there were elements of the Alabama~Eagle’s editorial today that looked SUPER familiar to us here at The Valley Patriot. Let’s compare and contrast today’s editorial by the Eagle and the column written in The Valley Patriot’s FEBRUARY 2008 edition.

The Real Disgrace in the Jennifer Paddelaro Lawsuit
(APRIL 13, 2008) 

Poor handling of McGravey matter cost Lawrence dearly