A Special Wedding at Body and Brain Yoga at Salvatore’s Riverwalk in Lawrence


Migdalia Morina joined Riverwalk BodynBrain Yoga in Jan. 2019 after having thyroid surgery. Her physician recommended she try yoga to help relax. Through class and home practice she has learned to relax and her sleep has improved.

Migdalia’s family lives in Puerto Rico and when she traveled there earlier this year she brought several copies of “I’ve Decided to Live 120 Years” book in Spanish to distribute to her family and friends.

She is also interested in creating a Spanish Youtube short class in Spanish which we will work on in the future.

Migdalia told The Valley Patriot that she loved it right away and soon brought her then boyfriend, Roy Cahoon, to a class at Body and Brain Yoga at Salvatore’s Riverwalk.

Roy decided to join after his first class. He works as an instructor as a truck driver and says it helps him to relax and manage stress better. The couple resides in Tewksbury.

Last month, before their wedding they asked Body and Brain Yoga if they could be married at the yoga studio. Before the actual ceremony they took a noon class. Roy’s mom, sister and brother joined the class also. They then changed into their wedding clothes and were married in the training room by Tewksbury Town Clerk, Denise Graffeo.

Following the ceremony they enjoyed a champagne toast and then enjoyed dinner together at Salvatore’s Restaurant.

The couple will travel to Puerto Rico in the spring to have a wedding celebration with Migdalia’s family.

As the Valley Patriot was leaving, we were given a copy of the “120” book.
Every evening the couple do toe tapping together at bed time, taking turns counting. This greatly helps them with sleep.

They plan on joining Body and Brain this March at the Brain Education Festival, being held at the Honor’s Haven Resort in Ellenville, NY.

The Body and Brain Yoga studio has been in the Riverwalk complex in Lawrence for 4 yrs. It is a franchise with 100 studios across the United States.