A Thank you To Our Readers ~ Valley Patriot Editorial (01/19)

It’s no secret that print media industry is dying.

It seems that almost every month we hear of another newspaper going out of business as more people get their news on-line, and with freedom of the press – and journalism itself – under constant attack.

As The Valley Patriot approaches our 15th anniversary (in March of this year) we are so grateful that so many people and so many local businesses have supported our efforts to provide an outlet for free speech, local news, and unfiltered opinions in the community.

But, we have always considered ourselves more than just a newspaper.

With the help of our readers and the business community we have been able to use this paper as a conduit to help local veterans, feed and clothe the homeless, give scholarships to local students trying to get to college, help local nonprofits like the Veterans Northeast Outreach, the Exchange Club, the Lions Club, House of Mercy, Daybreak Homeless Shelter, Someone Cares, and so many more.

We even hold an annual charity BASH (this year it’s April 5th – see ad on page 13) where we honor local police officers, firefighters, and veterans.

Not to mention our book, “Heroes in Our Midst”, where we honored 134 local veterans for their service to our nation.

Because of our success, we have always felt a responsibility to routinely help those in need, those less fortunate, and those who have nowhere else to turn.
Through the years, our readers and advertisers have never let us down.

As just one example, three years ago we learned that a young girl who was murdered in 1985 had no gravestone and her family was distressed that she had a grave with no name. We put out an appeal to our readers and within just a few days, you stepped up to the plate and donated the money for a headstone. One of our advertisers, Colizzi Memorials, even donated the labor of installing the marker.

Because of you, Michelle Pimentel’s grave is no longer anonymous, and her family has been able to find some peace.

We were honored to be able to be a part of that.

In short, whenever we have asked our readers and advertisers to help the community, the good people of the Merrimack Valley have never let us down.

As such, we are committed to not letting YOU down.

As a small business ourselves, we understand that small businesses are in desperate need of publicity and promotions to bring in new customers.
As a thank you to the community, we have found a way to celebrate our upcoming 15th Anniversary in a way that will help us continue doing what we love while helping you continue doing what you love.

Throughout the year 2019 we are offering all new advertisers 25% off our regular ad rates.

Advertisers who stay with us for at least three months will get the additional bonus of having us write a story about your business to increase your public profile. This story will not only appear in the pages of this paper, but on the Valley Patriot website. This will allow local advertisers to share the story of your business on social media and make better use of technology to drive customers to your product or service.

We have the most loyal readers in the country eager to support those who support us. And we know that we can continue to weather the storms that come our way and continue to publish what we believe is a unique newspaper that doesn’t censor unpopular opinions and helps out the community at the same time. Come on board now and take advantage of our 15th Anniversary by letting us raise your business profile.

To advertise with us please give us a call at (978) 771-4091 or email us at valleypatriot@aol.com

And please join us at our 15th Anniversary BASH on April 5th at the Firefighters Relief IN on Market St. in Lawrence at 6pm. You can get your tickets on Eventbrite.com ◊