AAA Merrimack Valley Makes Surprise $2,500 Donation to Combat Homelessness

During the Valley Patriot’s 18th Anniversary BASH Scholarship and Award Night, and only a minute after TMF leader Michael Gorman’s mom received an award for Community Service, Gorman himself took the microphone to thank Mayor DePena for helping the group to feed the homeless.

But, before he could finish speaking, Darlene Ford from AAA of the Merrimack Valley interrupted him with a giant check to make an announcement that AAA had a $2,500 donation for TMF to help feed the homeless and stock them with supplies for their weekly homeless dinners.

Ford talked about AAA’s commitment to helping the community and how impressed she was by the volunteers at TMF who make personal sacrifices to help the less fortunate.

“This is so amazing,” Gorman told The Valley Patriot.

“We came here to support the community and we walked away with seed money help keep the dinners going. Thank you so much to AAA Merrimack Valley and the Valley Patriot for not only spearheading our return to the bus station but also holding this event tonight. There’s such pride in the community here tonight and I am really touched, really humbled by all of this.◊