Addressing the Rumors on Steward/Holy Family Hospital

By: State Rep.  Ryan  Hamilton – Feb,  2024

Over the course of the last month, there have been several rumors about the futures of Holy Family, Methuen, and Haverhill.

I, along with legislative delegations of Methuen, Haverhill, and the Merrimack Valley, have been working diligently with the State Department of Health and Human Services and those working at the two hospitals to ensure that they stay open.

Steward, who owns both Holy Family locations, as well as several other hospitals in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, has come under severe financial stress that has become public over the past several weeks. This led to severe concern within the community that one or both hospitals might close.
In response to these rumors, the Merrimack Valley legislative delegation toured both hospitals to assess the working conditions, the morale of those working there, and the care being administered to the patients.

I’m happy to report that we have some of the most hard-working and dedicated doctors, nurses, and support staff working at Holy Family. Although most are nervous about what has been reported in the news, these professionals are focused on administering the best care possible to those coming to their hospitals.

I am pleased to report that a new investor has invested in Steward Hospitals. This will allow both Holy Family, Haverhill, and Methuen, to keep their doors open to the public. This will allow the hospitals to expand some of their care.

This news has reassured all receiving services or working at Holy Family. I can promise you that we will still be working with both Steward and the State to ensure that we have a long-term plan to keep Holy Family open for the residents of the Merrimack Valley.

This past week, I had the pleasure of visiting the Tenney Grammar School in Methuen to listen to the eighth-grade class’s presentation of their civics projects. They did not disappoint. These students were prepared and delivered informative presentations about the project they decided to undertake.

These projects, to name a few, range anywhere from community gardens to solar farms and passes so that students’ parents and administrators knew which bus they had taken to get home that day.
The time and research that went into preparing these projects shows the dedication and the lengths the students are willing to go to make their school and community a better place.

I also got the opportunity to sit down and have lunch with the leaders of each project. We discussed what I do for work, where they planned on attending high school next year, and who would be winning the Super Bowl this year. It was an impressive group, and I hope that wherever they go, they continue to be leaders inside and outside the classroom. If these are the future leaders of Methuen and the Merrimack Valley, our future will be very bright.

I want to remind everyone that budget season in the State House is upon us. For any group looking for state resources, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or my office, and we would be happy to walk through that process with you.

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact my office with any ideas, concerns, or questions at or 617-722-2090. ◊