AG Healey Gives Big Swamp Reptiles a Pass on Crime and Corruption

By: Bharany Padmanabhan – June, 2017

Last month in this space I reported clearly on sweetheart no-bid contracts between the Board of Registration in Medicine and the Massachusetts Medical Society which the Society uses to coerce thousands of dollars out of doctors under the threat of the Board taking their medical license away if they do not pay the Society. Your classic kleptocracy.

I also wrote that never in the history of this planet have sweetheart deals not involved corrupt bribes and secret kickbacks to state officials, especially in this here Massachusetts.

Maura Healey’s office claims to desire people filing criminal complaints about crimes. I filed a criminal complaint about the corrupt bribe-oiled sweetheart no-bid contract between the Board and the Medical Society and how it seemingly renews automatically at some secret time without ever being put through an open competitive bidding process.

I also informed Maura’s office that procurement fraud as practiced by the Board consciously violates a state regulation – 801 CMR 21.0.

Very soon after I filed my criminal complaint, Maura’s office sent me an anonymous letter declaring that she will not investigate procurement fraud between the State Board and the Medical Society. 

Around the same time that Maura decided to protect the no-bid contracts and sweetheart bribes between the Board and the Medical Society, she declared an official investigation of a charter school that banned hair extensions in the interest of keeping the students focused on academics and learning, as opposed to on fashion.

Around the same time that Maura decided to protect the no-bid contracts and sweetheart bribes between the Board and the Medical Society, she chased after and prosecuted to the fullest a poor white single mother, Mary Yost, for seeking help from the government to care for her autistic disabled child.

Around the same time that Maura decided to protect the no-bid contracts and sweetheart bribes between the Board and the Medical Society, she declared that she would investigate addict brokers who recruit patients for rehab clinics down in Florida. After all, Maura has declared herself committed to felonious drug addicts and mortally opposed to law-abiding patients with genuine chronic pain.

Maura just could not bring herself to come to the aid of Dr. Michael Langan though. As he is a devout family-minded Catholic doctor who has been clobbered into penury by the Medical Society and the Board, naturally Maura Healey could not be bothered to lift a finger. Wrong victim, you see.
Publicly railing against white single mothers or clinics down in Florida carries no personal political risk. The local press is only eager to highlight these actions as Maura bravely protecting us from evil.

Going after the Massachusetts Medical Society on the other hand is unpalatable. After all Maura is in bed with them. The Society, allegedly an independent non-governmental organization that allegedly supports doctors, has even created a special course to officially support Maura’s gun control efforts.,-AG-Healey-Partner-for-Gun-Safety/#.WSw0cbt_T1s

A medical society in bed with the government is not new of course. The Alabama Medical Association was in bed with the government for forty years. A long and fruitful collaboration, like most such partnerships, though for some reason Alabama’s society does not mention it anymore:

And the relationship between the Massachusetts Medical Society and the state Board is more than a political collaboration; it is a contractual relationship, however murky. The Society is a vendor, a contractor, an agent of the state that carries out a function that the state has out-sourced via a kleptocratic no-bid procurement contract that Maura does not wish to touch. It is impossible to tell where the Massachusetts Medical Society ends and where the Massachusetts government begins.

Far easier for Maura to look tough by further crushing an already impoverished struggling single mother such as Mary Yost, than by sending officials from the state Board and the Medical Society to prison for forensic crime, felony extortion and procurement fraud.

If anyone wants to know what a corrupt swamp is, this is what it is, and these are the reptiles within.

So, the question then becomes, will Acting U.S. Attorney William Weinreb lift a finger to drain this swamp? Given his long association with that other swamp reptile, Carmen Ortiz, there would seem no chance of that happening. Carmen, readers may recall, hounded Aaron Swartz to death on behalf of Hollywood and Obama but refused to prosecute Maura Healey for the same crime.
Then again we can always hope this country finally becomes truly federal and a new U.S. Attorney is appointed with no local relationships at all, say from Oklahoma or Kansas. If we are going to be federal then let’s be federal, dammit!

Bharani Padmanabhan MD PhD is a neurologist who specializes in multiple sclerosis in the Boston area.