Airman Jack Teixeira, A Hero to Many, a Traitor to Some

Louis Yarid
Valley Patriot’s Resident Communist
Nov. 2023

Yes, it is true that Airman Jack Douglas Teixeira of Massachusetts 102nd Intelligence Wing of the National Guard broke the US Code of Military Laws section 18 subsections 1924 & 793 (b &d) as his United States District Court Criminal Complaint states for the record from April 14th of this year, however not much is being reported about the information he leaked. Following the criminal complaint, it was revealed why the US Military was singling out a mere Air National Guardsman of Massachusetts. On or about February 28th this year, from his home in Bristol, MA, Teixeira leaked approximately 660 top secret documents on his Discord account: an online forum for sharing information specifically for gamers.

Because the servers are not secure, Russian gamers who also happened to be drafted hackers for the Russian Army were listening in on the whole thing when he revealed that the Ukrainian Army was down to only 20,000 men & women in February, whilst NATO troop count had only just reached over 1.2 million men & women to prop up the failed fascist state. The Ukrainians were and still are reinforced by only about 5,000 Ukrainian American members of the Special Forces trained by the Green Berets, whose efforts and losses are not being reported to us, futile as they may be.

Ukraine is a fascist nation due to the fact that they have founded 12 proudly Fascist parties since their independence as a violent threat to Russia next door who has had a ban on Fascist parties since Stalin. They have almost all garnered a reputation in the Ukrainian Military by most of them joining the Azov Battalion named after an old volunteer Ukrainian Nazi sympathizer militia. Altogether, their 12 parties formed a coalition known as the Right Sector. Once united, they caused the Euromaidan Uprising in 2014, & they destroyed President Yanukovich’s popularity and approval rating. Eventually the violence forced Yanukovich to use the entire Ukrainian Military to regain control of the major cities, diverting them away from the Russian border.

This made it easy for Russian forces to funnel supplies & weapons into Eastern Ukraine to arm the people for the upcoming vendetta that was sure to be imposed against Russian Ukrainians and Crimean Tartars who are one of the only minorities in Russia as Muslims in a predominantly Orthodox country. They are so respected by the international community, when the people of Crimea voted by referendum to become an Autonomous Independent Republic of the Russian Federation, the entire UN including President Obama agreed to their right to do so, but not Donetsk or Luhansk.
Now Volodymir Zelensky is President of Ukraine, and when he took office in 2019, he made the biggest mistake of his life by denying Donetsk & Luhansk their rights to independence & self-determination by continuing the policies of President Porochenko just before him who for 5 years had been sending Ukrainian soldiers (including the Azov Battalion) into Donetsk & Luhansk with orders to kill all separatists… thousands of Russian Ukrainian citizens have been killed in the process since 2014.

Zelensky perpetuated the killing because, desperate to join, NATO told him that Ukraine would not be able to join whilst parts of his nation were breaking away, he had no choice but to keep killing his own people in order to even have a chance of joining NATO.

However, since 2014, the entire Donbas region has been known as the modern-day Stalingrad holding out against these fascists with sniper-fire depicted in the movie “A Sniper’s War.” Now on the front lines, due to the leaked information, since March, the Russian Army has been constantly pushing their final sweep as they scramble to hunt down and neutralize the remaining 20,000 Ukrainian soldiers in order to force NATO out of Ukraine. Within the first 3 months, Russian State Media declared that they had cut the Ukrainian military down to only 12,000 troops.

This happened to spark the recent overstated Wagner Group Rebellion led by Yevgeny Prigozhin who had been complaining for months about his group’s heavy losses from achieving the result of cutting the Ukrainians down to almost nothing after man-to-man fighting on the front lines. Prigozhin only led the rebellion to secure better treatment for the members of the Wagner Group before quitting with loyal members of the group who stay with him in Belarus.

All of this recent news on the front lines has been due to the information leaked by Airman Jack Douglas Teixeira of Bristol, MA who despite being a lowly 21-year-old Air National Guardsman, has changed history and the outcome of our generation’s most pointless war. Because of him, Ukraine is down to approximately 5,000 troops by now, and that means more than 50,000 US soldiers are exempt from risking their lives in No-Man’s Land… Ukraine is becoming part of Russia, and there is nothing anyone can do to stop that, so we as a country must truly prevent ourselves from getting into anymore messy unwinnable wars like Vietnam, because Ukraine is beginning to look like Saigon did in 1975.

Teixeira is a hero to the people of the world and this country for saving more American lives from being wasted. He is already being hailed by Russian State Media as a hero to the people of Russia and their army. For all the crap Airman Teixeira is getting, I believe he deserves a pat on the back and a huge thank you from his fellow countrymen and the people of his community in Bristol, MA. We should all be proud of him for sharing that information as we were when Eric Snowden did.

True American heroes are the ones amongst us willing to tell the truth in order to prevent the worst possible things from happening. If he hadn’t leaked the info, we Americans would be attending daily funerals for American soldiers lost in Ukraine.

By Lou Yarid III

Member of the CPUSA, TMF, MCNAA, IATSE, & resident of Methuen, MA ◊