Alex Talcott First to Pull Nomination Papers for 2011 Amesbury Elections


May, 2011

Alex TaclottAmesbury, MA — Minutes before 8:00 a.m., Amesbury resident Alex Talcott requested and obtained nomination papers from the Amesbury Town Clerk, becoming the first person to do so on the first day papers were available for the fall municipal elections.

Talcott, a consulting entrepreneur and attorney by trade, is considering opportunities to serve as a Municipal Councilor At Large or Library Trustee.

“Being first in a one-man line early this morning at the Clerk’s Office was important to me as a way of showing my energy and seriousness about serving Amesbury. If I run and am chosen to serve on the Municipal Council or Library Board of Trustees, there will be plenty of late nights doing the people’s work. But my wife and I chose to join family here for that very reason—Amesbury’s culture of community service and spirit.”

Talcott has set up an email account – – to engage with neighbors and learn more about their ideas and resources for moving Amesbury forward. Any and all thoughts on Amesbury – concerns, challenges, and opportunities – are most welcome at that email address.

Alex Talcott, J.D., 57 Pleasant Valley Road, is the founding principal consultant of Vaura Consulting LLC, based in Amesbury. A graduate of Dartmouth College and Notre Dame Law School, his Massachusetts volunteerism has included work with the Coastal Trails Coalition, Steve Grossman for Treasurer Committee, and AES World Languages and Cultures Institute, as well as regular attendance at community meetings and events in Amesbury and throughout the Merrimack Valley.

A multipartisan, multistate political organizer, Talcott’s campaign work has also included field, operational, legal, and communications contributions to presidential and statewide runs by numerous candidates, including Texas Congressman Ron Paul, former Georgia Congressman Bob Barr, former Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes, U.S. Senator from Kentucky Rand Paul, and, most recently, former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

Regarding a potential run for municipal office in the Commonwealth’s second smallest city (Amesbury), Talcott is mindful of the political cliché that there’s no Democratic or Republican way to fill a pothole. Family in Amesbury: Kristin, wife, social worker; Drs. Andrew and Marilyn Lyons, general dentist and endodontist, parents-in-law.