All is right with North Andover this Holiday season…



…we cannot say the same about last year though.

At this time last year, there was a dispute brewing over a Menorah on the Common; “Merry Christmas” sign on the fire station, and whether or not there should be a Christmas tree on the Common.

Last year, Chabad House of Merrimack Valley applied for an eight day permit to have a Menorah on the Common for Chanukah. The permit had been approved in prior years, but because of a new ordinance it was denied.

This of course, brought controversy, bad exposure for the Town and a potential lawsuit from Chabad.

Then, the Town Manager questioned whether or not the firefighters at the Main Street Fire Station could place “Merry Christmas” on their door. “Bah Humbug!” was in the air and the Christmas spirit was sadly gone from last year’s holiday season.

In the end, the Selectmen did approve an eight day permit for the Menorah and “Merry Christmas” once again adorned the doors of the fire station … but the damage was done.

Thankfully, that was last year and this year we had none of that nonsense!

This year, North Andover residents are in the giving and festive holiday spirit. The Menorah was on the Common for the eight days of Chanukah and there were no issues with the permit to have it on town property. “Merry Christmas” hangs merrily on the fire station door, the Santa parade went off without a hitch, the Christmas tree is on the Common and Christmas wreaths line Main Street, and the North Andover Fire Department is collecting unwrapped toys for kids of all ages. (see page 7)

Yes, the holiday spirit is alive and well in North Andover this year.

We love celebrating Christmas and Chanukah and are thankful that North Andover does too. From all of us at The Valley Patriot we wish you a Merry Christmas, hope you had a Happy Chanukah and enjoy a safe holiday season!