American College of History and Legal Studies Becomes First Member of the Salem Animal Rescue League

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By: DJ Bettencourt – July, 2013
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SALEM- The Salem Animal Rescue League (SARL) today announced that the American College of History and Legal Studies (ACHLS), a two year undergraduate college located in Salem, NH, has become the first business member of SARL.

Earlier this month, SARL announced that for the first time in its 20 year history it would begin offering yearly business membership opportunities to allow those who believe in SARL’s mission and support its programs to join their community and show support.

“We are proud and grateful to have the American College of History and Legal Studies join the SARL family,” said D.J. Bettencourt, SARL’s Director of Development and Community Relations. “Our members will be the strength of our organization. They will help us keep our doors open, making ongoing health and daily care possible.”

Business members, such as ACHLS will not only assist SARL in helping the animals but will enjoy visibility, networking, and low-cost advertising opportunities within SARL’s large network of animal caregivers and adopters.

“The American College is proud of the alliance forged by our business membership with SARL,” said Andrea DeFusco-Sullivan, Assistant Dean at ACHLS. “Like SARL, which works to enrich the lives of families in the Greater Salem area by matching homeless pets with their forever homes, the ACHLS is committed to bettering the socio-economic lives of local families by offering low cost, accessible educational routes to the bachelor’s degree en route to law school at our parent institution, the Massachusetts School of Law. The American College applauds SARL’s initiative in forging bonds with the local business community, and we wish them continued success in the years to come.”

SARL offers six different business membership levels with a diverse set of benefits. Anyone interested in becoming a SARL business member should contact: D.J. Bettencourt, Director of Development and Community Relations at 603-893-3210 (ex. 202) or

The Salem Animal Rescue League (SARL) was established in 1992 by a group of devoted volunteers and is a non-profit organization that seeks to save the lives of abandoned, neglected and injured animals of southern New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts by providing a safe haven, compassionate care and new permanent homes for the animals it serves. SARL currently serves over 1,500 animals a year. To learn more about SARL, please visit

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