American Revolution v2.0

By: Jeff Katz – Nov. 2016

hillary-gone-crazyFor well over a year, we’ve been told that America would make history on November 8, 2016. We’d be going to the polls and it was clear we would be electing the first woman as President of the United States. Over and over we heard that it was her time. She was entitled to the post and come hell or high water she would be given what was rightfully hers.

For her entire adult life Hillary Clinton had been planning, working, maneuvering and scheming to become the first female President. She knew she was entitled to it. She had stood by while her morally decrepit husband embarrassed her and humiliated their daughter but she said nothing because his power brought her closer to her dreams. She accomplished little of note as a Senator from New York but she served in the post because that moved her further down the line to her real goal. She travelled around the world as Secretary of State carrying out the wishes of the first American President to ever be seen rooting against our country. Did she believe in what she was doing? Who knows, but it was again designed to get her closer to The Oval Office.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s carefully crafted rhetoric about fighting for others, everything that she has ever done has been a cold calculated decision about what was right for her. She did not worry about any of the collateral damage which may have occurred be it literal or figurative. She was on a mission and if someone had to fall that was fine so long as it was not her. Hillary Clinton’s biggest enemy is Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump may be the most severely flawed Republican Party candidate in history and but he was able to decisively defeat the entire corrupt Clinton machine. It’s not because he is a nuanced master of the political arts but rather just the opposite. He is a brilliant marketer and branding guru who saw that real people in this country were sick and tired of having the insiders and elitists wiz on their legs while being told that it was raining. While Hillary Clinton’s slogan was “I’m With Her” the essence of Donald Trump’s campaign was “He’s With You” and that made all of the difference in the world.

The American people have been suffering for the past eight years as this nation has been ripped apart along racial and economic lines by President Barack Obama. Obama seemed thrilled to be President but just not of the United States. For eight years, he’s crisscrossed the globe trashing our country and apologizing to our enemies. He’s bankrolled murderous tyrants bent on slaughtering us. He’s initiated and heralded the war on police officers and he’s used every opportunity to embrace those trying to hurt our nation’s heroes in uniform. Real people have seen their wages go down as the Obamacare fraud was perpetrated on our country. Real people, black and white, Jews and gentiles, young, old, men and women were sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Hillary Clinton was a weak candidate because, in the end, her trump card was her anatomy. We have to have a woman elected as President was the totality of her campaign. She made clear that she would continue the failed Obama policies and in fact would double down and expand many of them. Real people regardless of gender saw the tragedy such actions would create. She continually worked to divide Americans against each other and during the campaign she placed hard working Americans in to baskets of deplorables. She made clear time and again that she was smarter than all of us and she was entitled to be President and it was best that we all fall in line. Laws did not apply to her. Rules were for others. She operated from on high and never let the peasants forget that she was above them. She wasn’t just arrogant and condescending; she was the poster child for hubris.

Sure, people had grave concerns about the Supreme Court. Americans were worried about the very future of this country. In the end, real people were worried about the damage that could be done by a President who possessed no discernible ethics or moral compass and they were willing to take a chance electing a President who, despite all of his past ugly and uncomfortable language, sincerely seems anxious to help everyone and work tirelessly to restore America’s greatness.