American Training Guests Now Certified


The confidence that comes with knowing that you have the knowledge to save a life can be quite empowering. American Training just helped a group of Guests, the adults with disabilities whom they serve, find that confidence by holding their first ever CPR & First Aid class for Guests.

“Our Guests showed an interest in wanting to become certified in CPR and First Aid. They had been asking for a while, so we worked with our Training Specialist, Donny Wise, to make it happen,” said Alesia Matsis, a Program Director for the nonprofit.

So, Donny, who typically trains American Training’s Colleagues in everything from CPR to Human Rights, created a program to train a small group of Guests in CPR & First Aid.

“It was great,” said Donny, “I was very surprised as to how much they knew going into it. They were well informed.

It made my job, teaching them, a lot easier.”

Donny spread the class out over a two-day period, providing hands-on training. He made a few changes to the class to make the training more fun and memorable; incorporating something American Training calls WOW! Magic. He even had the group doing chest compressions to the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” because of its perfect tempo for the task.
“The program was fabulous. They all participated; they were interested, asking questions. They really enjoyed the class,” said Alesia. “Donny was an awesome trainer. He got right in the middle of everything, explained everything, and they were able to complete the course.”

This month their hard work culminated in the presentation of the American Heart Association CPR & First Aid certification cards for all ten participants.

“I dreamt about getting my certification and helping someone,” said Andre D’eon at the presentation of the cards.
Linda Frazier, who is also now certified, said, “I wanted to become certified so I can jump into action if something happens.”

Alesia said the participants gained confidence through the training.

“Anyone in this group would really help if they saw someone in distress. Because of this training, they would be confident in assisting someone that was in need.”

Confidence is exactly what Donny hoped it would give them.

“I hope this really boosts their self-esteem and confidence, not just in CPR and First aid, but in life in general.
“The class was great. I now feel completely confident that if I was with any one of them and something happened to me, they would know what to do,” said Donny.

The participants of this first class, who are all now American Heart Association Certified in CPR & First Aid include: Andre D’eon, Linda Frazier, Craig S., Jeanette D., John S., Kenneth B., Patricia C., Phillis D., Robert N., and Ronald S.
Donny hopes to bring the CPR & First Aid Training for Guests to other programs and locations in the near future. See more photos from the training HERE.

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