An Interview with East District Council Candidate Eunice Zeigler

EUNICETwenty-nine year old political newcomer Eunice Zeigler says she has the experience and education to lead Methuen on the city council as an East District Councilor.

Zeigler, a homeowner who works for the Lowell Housing Authority, says she is running because Methuen needs new leadership. She was also the financial manager for the Haverhill community development department.

“I feel like Methuen needs new leadership. I’m well versed on the issues. I really want to make a difference, and I’m qualified to do so,” she told The Valley Patriot.

Zeigler has a bachelor’s degree in political science and a masters degree in economics, something she says better serves the voters of Methuen.
“With my education and experience in municipal government, I know I’m one of the most qualified candidates for city council in this race.”

Incumbent East District councilors Tom Ciulla and Ron Marsan are prohibited from seeking a third term because of terms limits, leaving two open seats in the east. Zeigler faces three other candidates in September primary; Dan Grayton, Steve Saba, Adam Chioka and Sid Harris.

Zeigler says she has a passion for a variety of issues.

“As I am talking to voters door to door, I’m letting them know I’m running on agriculture, sustainability, education, tax feasibility.”

The most basic, simple principal is being sure we are making reasonable tax policies that don’t use Methuen tax payers as scapegoats. The fact that Methuen is growing affects the taxpayers and the services they receive.”

Zeigler said she wants to make sure Methuen gets all the assistance it can get when it comes to grant writing for the schools.

“That applies to community development as well. We need to take advantage of everything that’s out there to make sure Methuen stays on track.”

Zeigler added that one idea she is really excited about came from talking to local business owners.

“I feel that especially in east district, we have an opportunity to bring business leaders together to try and keep businesses here, thriving and bring in more businesses. We have to look for ways to support one another. Along the Merrimack St. corridor we have Pleasant Valley Gardens. They are a thriving farm for over 100 years. It would be wonderful if the restaurants and stores along that corridor had a partnership with the farm to create a sense of business community.”

Zeigler says she has spoken to many community leaders and they are excited about the idea as well.

“I’d really like to see that take off at the end of the day it could generate a lot of revenue for the city and better support our schools, help us to repair our roads. We have to start looking at ways to make us economically viable and self-sustaining.”


Although there is a school committee in Methuen, the city council votes on the school committee budget. Most councilors are uninvolved in the school budget, but Zeigler says that won’t be the case if she is elected.

“When we talk about all the development taking place in the city, we have to understand that we are creating a foundation for more families to come and live here. Their children will go to our schools, so we have to make sure that the educational resources we have for them are going to be able to support that growth.”

“I’m not saying throw money at the schools, but we need to make sure our kids have the resources and that parents have more choices in their kids’ education.”

“My number one goal is to be a strong voice for Methuen. That’s what I’ve been telling people door to door and that’s what I firmly believe. I want to make sure every decision being made for the voters and taxpayers are working in tandem with the other projects and goals in other areas.”

Eunice Zeigler grew up in Methuen and graduated from Methuen High School in 2006. While a student there she was involved in extracurricular activities such as track and field, peer leadership, adopt a grandparent, the Methuen choir, and the high school band color guard.

To learn more about Eunice Ziegler you can find her on Facebook.