An Outstanding Communications Dept. for Companies and Organizations

By: Tomas G. Michel – April, 2020

Lawrence, MA — A PR start-up operating for less than 2 years, is pushing to become a rising star within the local business community of the Merrimack Valley. Thanks to Northern Essex Community College’s President, Lane Glenn, Michel PR, LLC is now partnering up with the post-secondary education institution, to provide support with Spanish communications outreach and internship opportunities for marketing students.

With a cloud-based business model, this public relations firm assists non-profit organizations and small businesses in communications, branding and marketing solutions, from an integrated-brand-management approach serving as a connector between the Hispanic and the American market. Ultimately, assisting enterprises with elevating their brand and gaining competitive differentiation.

Michel PR has 6 team members, three of which operate from San Juan, PR and the other three who work from Lawrence, MA. In a field that has had an annual growth of 2.1% for the past 5 years, generating 14.9bn in revenue with an estimate of 44,516 of registered businesses in the United States.

With the new and uncertain conditions that have affected the U.S. economy, as a result of the COVID-19 public health crisis, companies from different industries have seen their sustainability promise tarnished.

According to FEMA statistics, roughly 40 to 60 percent of small businesses close doors after a catastrophe. Hence, the establishments unwilling to adapt to the new environment that the coronavirus is imposing, such as demanding close communications with stakeholders, utilizing social media to inform regularly, incorporating digital tools to their operations and being transparent, no longer have feasible opportunities to survive the shelter-in-place collaterals.

Michel PR aims to create a culture of partnerships and cooperation between clients and their constituents. Helping enterprises to develop products such as infographics, oratory presentations design, websites, newsletters and even branding guidelines. Furthermore, assisting with strategic planning such as market positioning and microtargeting.

The public relations start-up is a venture that prides itself on diversity, equity and inclusion. With a culture that aligns with efforts to impact communities that have been traditionally underserved. Values inherited from EParaTodos, the nonprofit organization that assisted with the founding and funding that made possible for Tomas Michel, its proprietor, to incorporate the business with the State of Massachusetts. “Without the help of Janin Duran, EParaTodos’ Executive Director and Andres Silva, EParaTodos’ Program Manager, I would have not been able to develop my business with a strong foundation as I have it now. They understand the disadvantages people like me suffer from, in order to create sustainable platforms, given lack of financial and social capital, language barriers and system barriers.”

The Michel PR team believes that everybody has a story to tell and value to bring to their community, regardless of their socio-economic or ethnic background. Through a robust offering of PR services, the team is working to bring innovation towards Greater Lawrence and now San Juan, in a time where businesses need to gain resilience. Assisting them to surpass thresholds associated with lack of tools, resources, and knowledge from the communications stance.

As of now, we are very focused in providing crisis communications support for struggling businesses. Since Governor Charlie Baker declared communications as an essential field of operation during the COVID-19 epidemic, we want to ensure that we assist as many businesses as we can. Whether by outsourcing one of our team members or taking over clients’ marketing communications. At the end, businesses are a building block of our society. They provide employment for families, drive wealth throughout the communities where they operate and beautify our downtowns.

Michel PR is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, registered with the Public Relations Society of America, and currently holds a seat at the BNI Haverhill’s Chapter.

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