Little more than 9 years ago, The Valley Patriot was just an idea. That idea was to provide an alternative voice for Merrimack Valley newsmakers and community leaders who were frustrated by the lack of adequate local coverage in other media outlets. We wanted to publish a newspaper that was different. We wanted a newspaper with a mission to provide news and opinions not filtered by the political agenda of an editorial board. Skeptics and malcontents in the community laughed, saying that the paper would never get off the ground and would never have credibility.

Within a few short months, however, we were publishing breaking stories that were later covered in the local daily papers and on Boston talk radio. A few months later we were noticed by Andy Card at the White House, Congressman Marty Meehan and Governor Mitt Romney. Something that even surprised us! We knew we had arrived! Two years later we were honored with a New England Press Association award for journalism and have received numerous awards since then from Veterans and civic groups.

Of course, the skeptics and critics have noticed us too. The Massachusetts Teachers Association even brought legal action trying to suppress the opinions of one of our columnists. We were unsuccessfully sued by disgruntled father Kevin Thompson, and we have been attacked by corrupt politicians unhappy about what we report.

It obviously scares many people to know that every month, the public is exposed to ideas they don’t approve of and yet nine years later we have yet to lose a court battle or an attack on our credibility. This month, as we publish our nine-year anniversary edition, we are humbled and grateful that so many important political and business leaders have embraced and endorsed our mission to provide real local news and opinions not covered by other media. We are also appreciative that so many readers have made us a regular part of their news consumption every month… and every day on line at

When we started this little venture we were distributing to 4 communities back in 2004. This month you can find us in more than 35 communities as far west as Leominster and Gardner MA. We cannot individually thank everyone who has contributed to the success of The Valley Patriot. From business leaders, to community activists, to elected officials and a very loyal readership, the response has been overwhelmingly supportive. If not for the help and cooperation of all of them, this monthly newspaper would still be … just an idea.

The Board of Directors at The Valley Patriot want to express our THANKS to the readers, contributors, advertisers, (anonymous phone callers), elected officials, community activists and everyone else who has given of their time, money, energy, effort and prestige to make The Valley Patriot an exciting and reliable voice in the Merrimack Valley.