Another Day, Another Scandal for the White House

By: Keff Katz – June, 2013

Jeff Katz“Another day, another scandal” seems to have replaced “yes we can” and “forward” as the official slogan now employed by the current occupier of the Oval Office and his motley crew of acolytes. No longer is the Dear Leader talking about his desire to transform America, rather he and the JV squad are maneuvering to see who will be the latest to be thrown under the bus. There must be some serious cases of nerves at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as the assorted hacks and flacks are remembering that the President had no trouble tossing his own grandmother under the bus, so how safe can some random guilty leftist be?

The facts which are in evidence now demonstrate quite clearly that when Barack Obama made the pronouncement that he was going to punish his enemies, he was being painfully honest.

Obama and the nominal Attorney General oversaw efforts which rewarded thugs trying to keep anti-Obama voters from casting their ballots and then moved on to running guns to Mexican crime syndicates. Once they got away with these egregious actions, they moved on to a full frontal attack on the few journalists still practicing the craft in the United States.

Organized efforts to undermine reporters at the Associated Press and FOX News apparently became the norm for this administration. Wiretaps? Sure. Harassing reporters’ parents? Yeah, why not! It was the series of attacks on reporters that forced even the usual Kool-Aid drinkers in the White House press briefing to start asking pesky questions of the Minister of Propaganda. If this keeps up, they will soon toss Beltway Jay to the wolves. I do wonder who they get to take his place. Sadly, John Banner who played Sgt. Schultz is not available. Maybe, they can find Baghdad Bob?

The three most feared letters in the country, IRS, deployed and used as a tool of political oppression as Tea Party groups and conservative organizations were apparently targeted for unimaginable misbehavior. Audits apparently were ordered for those who were identified as not completely agreeing with this administration’s plan. Kindly remember that the same agency is slated to take charge of enforcing all of the provisions of Obamacare shortly. These same agents will have access to confidential medical records of millions of Americans…what could possibly go wrong with that?

I’m not sure about you, but I feel completely confident knowing that Eric Holder will now investigate Eric Holder to determine if Eric Holder did anything wrong when Eric Holder ordered these actions. My crystal ball is at the dry cleaners, but I have a sneaking suspicion that Eric Holder will determine that Eric Holder did nothing wrong when Eric Holder did those things.

So we’ve got inappropriate wiretaps, misuse of the IRS, an enemies list, politically motivated vindictive A.G. and a giant collection of lies coming from the White House. Someone should be on the lookout to see if Barack Milhous Obama starts talking to the portraits in the West Wing any time soon.