Anyone But Mayor Willie Lantigua

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Convicted felon Israel Reyes and Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua

By: Peter Larocque – August, 2013

When I get into discussions concerning the election for Mayor in The Great City of Lawrence, far too many times I hear, “anybody but Willie!” Unfortunately, “anybody but Willie” will not be on the ballot. “Anybody but Willie” is not a candidate! Yes, I understand the frustration among the citizens of Lawrence and their disappointment with the current mayor who is seeking a second term. But believe me, adding to people’s dislike of Mayor Lantigua, the attitude of voting for “anybody but Willie” will almost guarantee another term for Mayor Lantigua!

The mind set of voting for “anybody but Willie,” to be quite honest is a cop-out! There are a few good candidates for mayor, men of character who have stepped up to the plate and have done the work to organize and get their names on the ballot. These are the real candidates who should be on the minds of citizens and talked about around the city, not that fake candidate named “anybody but Willie!”

I wrote in last month’s Valley Patriot that I have made my choice on which candidate that I support and will be voting for on Tuesday September 17, 2013, and that is Mr. Dan Rivera. Believe me, I am proud of my decision and I am doing my best to encourage others to vote for Dan. In my opinion, he is the best choice among the candidates for mayor. As far as I’m concerned, he is the only candidate that will not need on-the-job training on day one in January 2014.

I also am very aware that others have made their choice and are supporting their candidate which is their right to do, that’s America and I celebrate that! But still, far too many times as I talk to people, I hear “anybody but Willie” will do! Folks, it is simply not so! “Anybody but Willie” is an impostor, wastes of everybody’s time and energy and in the end, nobody will like the results; especially if “anybody but Willie” has his way! So please do your job as a citizen of Lawrence and take a good look at who really is on the ballot.

Real candidates on the actual ballot will be made known sometime after 5 pm on Wednesday August 6, 2013. Candidates have until this time to do their part, which is to turn in their nomination papers to the Election Division at Lawrence’s City Hall with the right amount of signatures of registered voters. Then it becomes our responsibility to learn as much as possible about each candidate, and then vote accordingly in the Primary Election on Tuesday September 17, 2013. Then we have the privilege to follow up by voting in the City’s General Election on Tuesday November 5, 2013.

So my fellow Lawrencians, let’s work together to make these elections of 2013 very successful by having the best turnout ever! There is a lot on the line here, public safety, living conditions, and the education of our children, economic development and a better city image being portrayed throughout the Merrimack Valley! These elections are our opportunity to make Lawrence better. If you choose to stay home, than you lose your right to complain. On the other hand, by voting we can make a difference!

One more thing, please remember what I wrote last month concerning “Lawrence’s line in the sand.” I truly believe this warrants repeating: any city councilor who voted in favor of Mayor Lantigua’s budget does not deserve and should not get your vote! This also should be extended to any candidate on the ballot who spoke during public participation in favor of Mayor Lantigua’s budget at the public hearing. We will know for sure after August 6, 2013. Also as a reminder, Councilors Rivera, Bernal, and LaPlante voted NOT in favor of approving the budget!

God Bless you all, Peter Larocque.