Are Liberals Giving a Free Pass to the Bidens’ Misdeeds?

By: Ken Willette ~ 12-23

Finally, a liberal at the Washington Post (WP) has called for the retirement of Joe Biden. You know that you are in deep trouble with the Democratic Party hierarchy when a WP writer– who has forever served as the message board of the Democratic National Committee (DNC)– begs you not to run for re-election. Even former Obama campaign guru David Axelrod recently announced that the Democratic Party should look at alternatives to Biden.

This reversal is sad, pathetic, and ironic all at the same time, because the DNC and Obama’s team dragged Biden out of his Delaware basement to run for president. They sought a useful tool who could easily be manipulated to promote their radical agenda.

To borrow lyrics from the play Hamilton, I would have loved to have been ‘in the room where it happened’— when Hillary Clinton specifically learned that the DNC kingmakers didn’t want a second disastrous run from her. Even downtrodden Nixon earned another chance to run in 1968, after enduring campaign losses for POTUS and California Governor.

Poor Hillary, outfoxed by Obama twice. But, in a major fashion, weren’t female Democrats also hoodwinked by the Democratic establishment? I mean, to this very day, Hillary still gives speeches about how the 2016 election was stolen from her. So much for breaking that glass ceiling.

But now the proverbial storm clouds have formed over 1600 Penn, with no foreseeable end in sight. The whole mantra that Biden offers proven, decades-long leadership is expiring like sour milk left in the sun. It is mindboggling that there are still many liberal female supporters of Biden when you learn more each day about Hunter’s escapades and Joe’s epic foreign policy failures.

Hunter is the piece of work who impregnated a stripper, initially refused to pay her child support, fired her from his company, removed insurance coverage for both her and his child, and still found time for a dalliance with his brother’s widow. Only recently has Grandpa Joe acknowledged his latest grandchild. Meanwhile, Hunter allegedly perjured himself on a gun application while high on cocaine, and his gun was abandoned near a high school attended by young females. Real Father of the Year material here.

A separate column would have to be written to discuss the crossroads between Hunter’s alleged tax evasion felonies, his hack job with Burisma and his father’s role as point person for Ukrainian policy in the Obama White House. Because conservatives are bringing the popcorn when Hunter is subpoenaed before Congress to testify during the impeachment inquiry. And remember, executive privilege doesn’t apply to private individuals.

Where is the indignation from Leftist women when Biden released $6 billion in frozen assets to Iran so soon after the beating death of Mahsa Amini, whose only crime was not wearing the mandatory hijab and instead displaying tight trousers. Thousands of Iranians have apparently died in vain protesting the reactionary Islamic codes of the Iranian theocracy over the last 10 years, simply because Biden caved into the hostage demands of the Ayatollah—the world’s biggest sponsor of terror.

But notice how the liberal media suddenly grew tired of covering the internal struggles and nationwide protests breaking out in Iran. Maybe because it doesn’t fit into the scripted narrative of Joe’s efforts to restore the fundamentally flawed Iranian nuke deal, and the diplomatic treachery of his team in releasing blood money for hostages used as pawns.

How did that ultimately work for Joe in Russia, who secured the release of Brittney Griner (but not a wrongfully incarcerated former Marine), in exchange for a notorious arms dealer whose blood trade killed countless innocent men, women and children? And isn’t Putin once again taking advantage of Biden by showcasing a jailed Wall Street Journal reporter as an international pawn? Seems like an endless cycle of Jimmy Carter-style weakness. Foreign policy disasters and hyperinflation—tell me history doesn’t repeat itself.

Unfortunately, Joe has a sordid history of abandoning women like his son. Instead of maintaining a Green Zone in Kabul– like the Green Zone in Baghdad– for US troops to tackle remaining ISIS terrorists and Taliban fighters, Biden left billions of dollars in weaponry and vehicles to the Taliban government.

This is the same Taliban government that has essentially banned women from attending schools, forced them to have male chaperones to travel and totally removed them from the government and the economy. Now millions of women and young girls suffer from food insecurity. They are relegated to non-citizen status and are fearful of a dystopian future.

Female voters must recall how Obama sarcastically yet erroneously called ISIS a JV team—the same team that established a massive caliphate in the Middle East, executed thousands in religious jihad and created sexual slaves of Yazidi Kurdish women. The ISIS leader at the time, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, savagely raped and subsequently murdered captive American aid worker, Kayla Mueller.

In fact, Kayla’s family begged the Obama White House to seek her release, and there was high confidence within the military that a special forces extraction mission could be conducted successfully.
Obama never authorized the mission, and an American life was senselessly lost forever.

The Leftist voting bloc is so loathsome of Trump that they give him no credit when he sent in special forces to kill the mass murderer al-Baghdadi and utilized the full fury of US forces to annihilate ISIS as a regional threat. I am pretty sure Joe doesn’t care either.

Many Leftists worship at the altar of climate change and curse any fossil fuels in our economy. And yet, despite an abundance of natural resources throughout our country, no one on the Left blinked when Joe pleaded the Saudis for oil—a country that just recently allowed women to drive (but still no voice in national elections).

Strange political bedfellows—Democratic woman voters and their advocacy of the Bidens. ◊