As the Christie Turns – By Jeff Katz

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie
PHOTO: Tom Duggan

By: Jeff Katz
January, 2014

The other day, while lounging on a Sunday morning my wife turned on The Today Show which seemed more like an episode of “As Chris Christie Turns”.

The latest development in the political version of Jersey Boys indicated that a politician was playing political games in awarding development money. Oh the horror! As much as I dislike large chunks of Christie’s political agenda I actually am inspired to think that a more manly guy could again reside in The White House someday. The sort of guy who picks up the phone and makes clear to some wacko dictator that if you blank with us, we’ll blank you and the blanking donkey you rode in on. I can almost hear a President Christie describing the tactical deployment of traffic cones all over Tehran.

As the beautiful people continued to lecture me about the need to vet all presidential candidates with one notable exception, they also paid tribute to Michelle Antoinette Obama’s incredible accomplishment of turning fifty which was interspersed with meaningful bon mots from her B-list party goers. Somewhere along the way, I did learn that her husband had granted an interview to The New Yorker magazine. This was not just your run of the mill “Hey, what me worry?” diatribe we’ve grown accustomed to. This article actually contained some of the most meaningful insight yet on the Dear Leader.

Despite Obama’s favored physical activities of running fast and furious before bowing to foreign leaders, The New Yorker piece really gives us a glimpse in to his personal feelings on sports. No, he doesn’t wax eloquent on his love affair with whatever team plays at “Cominskey Field”. He doesn’t talk about his skill at running around Congress. He speaks about the concussion risk for the adult men who play in the NFL. His final words on the subject are, “I would not let my son play pro football.”

While I have no inkling if this fictional Obama son looks like the last fictional Obama son, I do know that this one sentence provides the most accurate assessment of what defines Obama and his agenda. Some parents might prohibit their minor kids from playing Pop Warner. But once those kids hit the age of majority they used to have every right to make their own decisions and choices.

In Obama’s America, however, adults are more like children than ever before. Dressed in footie pajamas, sipping hot cocoa and waiting for permission from their father…who apparently looks a lot like the current occupier of the Oval Office.

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