Banning Guns Will End the Same as Banning Drugs ~ VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL (6-22)

June, 2022

Every time there is a mass shooting, Democrat politicians and leftists in the media take to the TV airwaves to exploit murder victims and push their anti-gun agenda. Take away guns and bad people won’t commit crimes, goes the mantra. As if that worked out well for drugs and alcohol.

In unison, they all repeat the same scripted talking points, word for word, in an attempt to emotionally manipulate the public at a time of great grief to achieve their political ends:

“these are weapons of war”
“we need background checks”
“it’s time to ban assault weapons”
“how many more children must die”?

Of course, they put forth their weapons ban solutions with no evidence that they will actually stop mass shootings. In fact, the last time scary looking guns were banned in the 90s, shootings deaths went up, not down.

Anyone who points this out, or challenges the flaws in the gun-grabber arguments are accused of wanting more violence and then silenced on social media.

The evidence shows, however, that it’s the Democrat Party “leaders” who want more violence in our country so they can increase federal control; thereby increasing their own political power.

Just look at the result of what they propose. On the one hand, they want to ban guns, as if criminals will follow the law. This means that law abiding citizens cannot defend themselves against violent criminals who have illegal guns. Their argument ends by telling you to just call the police and wait.

Yet, if the Democrats in power had their way, the police would be “defunded” and “reimagined” with no arrest powers and no guns. You see how that works? No police and no LEGAL guns. What could go wrong?

As a side note, how do you think it would work out when the government sends white police officers into any major U.S. city, to forcibly take guns away from black people in black neighborhoods?

I think we all know what’s going to happen, and that’s actually the point. The gun grabbers know this, in fact, they are counting on it. Their political power grows as chaos reigns in our streets.

The fact is, not a single excuse given for banning any kind of gun in this country can stop a madman from committing violence if he is determined to do so. The scarce availability of guns will not change that.


In the 1920s and 30s Mafia gangsters used machine guns to kill their rivals and run illegal alcohol stores and clubs. Those were real “weapons of war.”

The streets of major cities in America were filled with fully automatic weapons, not these one-bullet-per-round semi-automatic AR15’s or AK47’s that people are whining about today.

Yet, with all those fully automatic machine guns – real “weapons of war” – readily available and legal to the public, there were no school shootings back then. There were no mass shootings of innocent crowds of people. Think about that for a minute, and then think about it again.

Mass shootings and school shootings are a fairly recent phenomenon. Yet, according to the FBI’s own statistics there are fewer guns per household today than there was thirty years ago.

We cannot let those with an anti-American agenda to emotionally manipulate the public every time children are killed, or an atrocity is committed.

We cannot let politicians in a free country disarm the public while they are also calling to defund police and allowing violent criminals free from prison. To do so would be to repeat the same historical mistakes as so many other failed nations. ◊