Bill Green’s Not So Excellent Adventure ~ Paying Attention with Tom Duggan



Bill Green on the Paying Attention Radio Program with Tom Duggan attacks Mayor Rivera and called Lawrence police "racist"
Bill Green on the Paying Attention Radio Program with Tom Duggan attacks Mayor Rivera and called Lawrence police “racist”

In the mind of fired Lawrence Police Officer Bill Green he is the ultimate victim.

Nothing bad that has ever happened to Bill has ever been his fault.



Bill is so damned important that it takes a conspiracy of the entire police department, all of city hall, the Mayor, the city council, Green’s own campaign supporters, and a former mistress, to work day and night for the sole purpose of destroying Bill Green. 

He claimed to be the victim of racism (he is Black) and sued the Lawrence Police Department in the court of the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, and lost.

That wasn’t his fault either, they were in on it too!

He was caught trying to steal private detail money, so Bill turned around and blamed a conspiracy in the police department and a white officer who had nothing to do with Green’s actions.

He was fired by Mayor Dan Rivera, but that wasn’t his fault either.

You see, Rivera is part of the corrupt conspiracy too. Pay no attention to the fact that the Lawrence cops hate Rivera so much that they were out holding signs for Lantigua on election day. 

This conspiracy against Green is so big, so important, that everyone in Lawrence puts aside their personal hatred to destroy him at any cost. 

For sure, Bill Green does not have a self-esteem problem. 


Last July, Green went to the police station – during the heat of the mayoral campaign – and personally requested to talk to Lt. James Raso.

Green told Raso that the entire department was corrupt, and that Raso was the only officer her trusted to discuss his criminal complaint as he was clearly the victim of a dangerous criminal. 

Court records show that Green told the lieutenant that he had been harassed by his former campaign manager Julissa Nunez, but would not produce the actual text messages.

Green also had claimed to have voice mail messages where Nunez harassed and threatened him, and a that Nunez had illegally recorded a conversation between herself and one of his other mistresses.

Green would not produce those recordings for Raso, but demanded she be criminally charged anyway. 

Fearing Green would claim he too, was part of the grand conspiracy against him, Lt. Raso summonsed Nunez to court to answer on the harassment charges, but instructed Green to produce the text messages, and voice messages when he arrived in court.

Lt. Raso attended the hearing as did a police officer from internal affairs to monitor the situation given Green’s long history of claiming discrimination by members of the department. 


Last week, the fired police officer finally appeared in Lawrence District Court for the criminal complaint against his former campaign manager and mistress, Julissa Nunez. Nunez was apparently romanced by Green during the campaign, and had no problem publicly showcasing his infidelities to an open courtroom. 

Nunez admitted that she recorded that conversation in an attempt to get information for Green’s wife about his ongoing infidelities.

I couldn’t make that up if I tried. 

In fact, Nunez has long claimed that she had only called and texted Green because she had loaned him $1,400 (cash) for his campaign, and Green only refused to pay her back after she had stopped sleeping with him.

That’s when, according to Nunez, Green took to YouTube accusing her of stealing and committing federal crimes.

“He was trying to destroy my credibility. He wanted to make sure people thought I was a liar and a crazy person so that if I ever told the truth about him, or tried to take him to court for my money, nobody would believe me.”


When Green walked into a Lawrence District Court last week, he was flanked by mistress #2, (no sign of the wife) telling a judge magistrate that he had deleted some of mistress #1’s text messages by accident and that he was willing to drop the complaint against Nunez, especially when the magistrate asked to view them.

The Magistrate was having none of it. 

Green was forced to show the court several one-sided text messages, some, where only Nunez’s side of the conversation were visible. Some, where select portions of Green’s messages had been deleted.

Several of Mistress #1’s text messages were also suddenly cut off whenever she started discussing Green’s wife, or the money he owed to Nunez. 

Green also balked at playing the recording he brought of Mistresses #1 and mistress #2 discussing his wife, but the magistrate demanded to hear them.

This is Bill Green gold!

Who doesn’t want to hear that conversation? 


Through an interpreter, the judge magistrate listened to the first few minutes of the recording where Nunez tells mistress #2 that she was calling on behalf of Green’s wife – and that she had the wife’s permission to call.

It wasn’t long before the Magistrate ruled that the recordings were not illegal, that the text messages were not harassment, and dismissed the charges against Nunez. 

So who’s fault was that?

Well, Lt Jim Raso of course.

It turns out that Bill Green’s judgement is so bad, that the one person he thought he could trust was really the evil mastermind behind a city-wide conspiracy to destroy the only honest man in the entire City of Lawrence. 

Green has officially filed a complaint against Lt. Raso with internal affairs, claiming Raso improperly handled his case.