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By: Billy Cushing – February, 2105

From time to time, my column will feature questions asked by readers regarding the world of TV. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have about TV at, and I’ll do my best to answer you and may feature your question in a future column. Here’s what we got!

Hi Bill. I love your column every month. I’ve become a big fan of Scorpion on CBS. Can you tell me anything about what’s coming up on that show? – Samantha from Dracut, MA.

Thanks for the kind words Samantha. I do have some scoop on Scorpion, as a matter of fact. Have you ever wondered how Walter got to know the rest of the group? Well wonder no more. The origins of Scorpion will be the subject of an upcoming episode. The episode will take place entirely in the past and will show us how the team met each other for the first time and how Scorpion came to be.

Any scoop you can give me on Ray Donovan’s upcoming 3rd season? – Paul from Tewksbury, MA

I can tell you that Katie Holmes and Ian McShane have joined the cast for season 3. They will both be appearing in a season long storyline. Holmes will be playing a businesswoman and daughter of a billionaire producer played by McShane. Holmes character needs to enlist Ray’s fixer services. Ray Donovan will return to Showtime this summer.
I think the best show on TV is The Americans. I’m dying for some news about it. Anything you can tell me? – Amy from Salem, NH

I happen to agree with you Amy, The Americans has become TV’s best drama. Executive Producer Joel Fields recently talked about the upcoming season and said, “What do you do when you love your spouse and yet you find you disagree on the most important, fundamental thing in your lives?” That question will be the main focus of season 3. Philip and Elizabeth will find the happiness they worked so hard on last season is all of a sudden on shaky ground as they disagree on the direction to take with their daughter Paige. Elizabeth wants to slowly phase her into the family business and begins to spend more time with Paige at her church group. Philip, on the other hand, tries to buy his way into Paige’s heart. Meanwhile Paige grows more and more suspicious, and she just might have some plans of her own. The Americans 3rd season premiered on January 28th on FX.

Someone told me that NBC is bringing back Heroes. Is that true? What can you tell me about it? – Tim from Lowell, MA

It is true Tim. NBC is producing a 13 episode continuation of Heroes, which ran from 2006-2010. So far, the show has announced 2 cast members. ‘Chuck’ star Zachary Levi has been cast as the lead, and Jack Coleman, who played Noah Bennett in the original series, will be returning. NBC President Jennifer Salke also said that it is quite possible that other members from the original series cast will be returning. The series will occur after the events in season 4 and feature mostly new characters. Heroes: Reborn is expected to premiere sometime in the summer or fall of 2015.

I’m a huge fan of The Following. I need some season 3 scoop please!! – Julie from Manchester, NH

Season 3 of FOX’s The Following will pick up a whole year after the events in the season 2 finale. Ryan, Max, Weston, and Gina are all back together. In fact, they reunite in the premiere because one of the characters is getting married. Ryan has moved on from Claire and is working with the FBI again, while Joe Carroll is locked up on death row. This season Ryan will have not just one bad guy to deal with, he’ll be dealing with several threats. Meanwhile Weston is still looking for revenge; remember that one of the twins is still out there. Series star Kevin Bacon said, “The first two seasons were in some ways one chapter, the Joe chapter, and then starting in season 3, we’re starting a new chapter.”

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