Bill’s TV Talk Mailbag


By: Bill Cushing – September, 2013

From time to time my column will feature questions asked by readers regarding the world of TV. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have about TV at, and I’ll do my best to answer you and may feature your question in a future column. Here’s what we got!

I really love Magic City on Starz. The 2nd season just ended and I can’t wait for it to return. Any ideas on when it will be returning and can you give me any scoop on Season 3? – Jo-Ann from Methuen

Unfortunately, Jo-Ann, Magic City’s ratings just weren’t there and Starz has decided to cancel the series after just 2 seasons. I thought that the series was starting to really hit its stride, so I’m disappointed that we won’t be seeing any more of it. There was talk of another network stepping in and picking it up, but it seems unlikely. Check out my Facebook page or Twitter and I will keep you posted!

So far in all of the previews I’ve seen of the 4th season of The Walking Dead, I haven’t seen The Governor. Have we seen the last of The Governor or will he be around in season 4? – Michael from Lawrence

Well Michael, I can tell you that he will have a major presence in at least 2 Season 4 episodes. Both of which are being referred to as “Standalone Governor” episodes. I don’t have a date on when those episodes will air, but most likely they will be in the first half of Season 4 beginning October 13th on AMC.

I’d love it if you could give me some scoop on my new favorite show, The Following? – Tim from Dracut

Tim, I’m sure you remember, when we last left Kevin Bacon’s Ryan, he and Claire were laying critically wounded, stabbed by a disciple of Joe’s. Well what I can tell you, is that Season 2 will jump forward a whole year after the final episode of Season 1. Ryan will be completely healed and in great shape. He will be stronger; he’s running, and no longer with the FBI. Rumor is that they are looking to cast a new love interest for Ryan, so what does that mean for Claire’s fate? You’ll just have to tune in, word is that Claire’s fate will be revealed immediately when The Following returns in January on FOX.

I haven’t heard a word about Parenthood, please tell me it hasn’t been cancelled?! – Meg from Haverhill

Meg, not only will Parenthood be back, but it will be back for a full 22 episode season as opposed to the 13 episodes we are used to seeing from it. When the show returns, on September 26 at 10 on NBC, we can tell you that it will be a much happier season for Kristina and Adam. The season picks up 6 months after the end of last season, and Kristina will be contemplating a run for office, Mayor to be exact. We’ll also see Max working for Ray Romano’s Hank. If you remember, Hank gave Max a camera at the end of the season; well apparently he’s been using it a lot and has gotten interested in photography.

Love your column! Anything you can tell me about what’s going to happen on Modern Family? – Annie from North Andover

Thanks Annie. The show returns for its 5th season with a one hour episode on Wednesday September 25th. This season we’re going to meet more of Cam’s family, specifically his sister. She’ll appear in the seasons 4th episode. The role has yet to be cast, but the character is described as “a big-boned, very non-glamorous farm girl, who has something of an explosive personality.” Also look for a possible wedding for Mitch and Cam.

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