Birds of A Feather Flock Together! (OPINION)


By: Peter Larocque – October, 2013

The city of Lawrence is never at a loss for interesting situations unfolding in front of everyone who has eyes to see. Last month, give or take a few days, produced some events that if they were to take place outside of Lawrence, one could conclude that they were all a part of a fiction novel. But since they did take place in Lawrence, coupled with the in your face style of politics of our dear leader, Mayor Lantigua, one could summarize that birds of a feather DO flock together.

COAKLEYPlease allow me to elaborate, first on Tuesday August 27, 2013; Attorney General of Massachusetts Martha Coakley sues Mayor Lantigua over alleged Campaign Finance Violations. Then on Monday September 16, 2013, the same Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley makes her announcement of a run for Governor of Massachusetts.

Next, on Tuesday September 17, 2013, the Lawrence city primary elections took place where Mayor Lantigua topped the ticket and won a spot on the November general election ballot to be re-elected as mayor. He will be running against Dan Rivera who came in second, which likewise won him a spot on the ballot in November.

That same evening when the candidates for mayor along with their supporters filled City Hall, it was during Mayor Lantigua’s turn when he was seen side by side as he addressed his supporters with none other than indicted Lawrence Deputy Police Chief, Felix Bonilla who is on paid leave. (This is the in your face politics I referred to earlier.) It is so obvious that our Mayor has absolutely no respect for the law!

Then, three days following her announcement of running for governor, on September 19, 2013, A.G. Martha Coakley makes the City of Lawrence one of her first campaign stops. Could this be just a coincidence? I ask this because just one day after this, September 20, 2013, another Mayor Lantigua ally is indicted for parking garage theft and campaigning for the mayor while on the city clock.

One would think that the top law enforcement officer for the state had to have been privy to this indictment and that it was coming the following day of her appearance in Lawrence, don’t you think? It appears to me that this is either a huge disrespect for the law or this is just a campaign mistake or maybe even just bad timing? I find myself asking the obvious question, Martha, Martha, Martha, what are you doing in Lawrence at this time?

For those of you who are biblically inclined, there is a wonderful verse of scripture in 1 Thessalonians 5:22 that states, “Abstain from all appearance of evil.” Notice it says that God would have us to abstain not just from evil, but from all appearances of evil. This is very good advice especially to those in public service!

Dan Rivera on 980WCAP
Dan Rivera on 980WCAP

Due to all of the above, it’s abundantly clear that we, the Lawrence voters, need to elect Dan Rivera as our next mayor of Lawrence. Dan Rivera isn’t perfect and I guarantee that Dan will most probably make a few mistakes along the way. But on the other hand, I do know this; Dan will not stand for or have his administration associate itself with any corruption in City Hall. He will root out any and all corruption from City Hall, it will be reverted back to what it once was which is the people’s house! How do I know this? Well that is simple; Dan is a man of upright character and principle. Dan is a military veteran of Desert Storm/Desert Shield where there was no tolerance for such foolishness. I have absolutely no problem with placing the future of the Great City of Lawrence in his capable hands, and quite frankly neither should you! All of us working together with Dan will make Lawrence better.

November 5, 2013 is a very important day for all Lawrencians. That’s our general election for the city. That’s when we the citizens decide what direction our city is to go in. Either we stay exactly where we are or we change for the better! Currently we have a mayor who basically has the state doing his job.

In reality we are paying $100,000.00 a year for someone who is being baby sat for. To this date, he refuses to partake in the political process by debating his opponent, Dan Rivera. He communicates and campaigns only on Spanish speaking radio to reach his base of supporters. To be honest, if I were a part of this group, I would be demanding more from my candidate. But due to the ignorance of many of his supporters of the American political process, along with their ignorance of the rule of law mixed with their belief that all opposition to the mayor is classified as a witch hunt, Mayor Lantigua continues to get a pass from his supporters.

I still find myself shaking my head and wondering why as I drive through our city and see the many campaign signs supporting the mayor. As a homeowner, I ask what are these people thinking of?

In conclusion, we hear in baseball something called the magic number. Currently the Boston Red Sox have reached theirs and will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs. In Lawrence our magic number is 52%. This is the number of voters who voted against Mayor Lantigua in the primary election in September. This number plus the fact that more people are expected to turn out in November for the general election encourages me that there is still hope for the Great City of Lawrence. I guess by now you all know what I am praying for!

God Bless you all and may God continue to bless the Great City of Lawrence!