Booing Gay Soldier Should be Denounced

Valley Patriot Editorial

October, 2011

Last month a gay soldier asked a question during a Fox News, Republican presidential debate.

While asking his question via satellite, one man in the crowd booed the soldier. We do not know exactly why the audience member was booing; we do know that no loyal American soldier should be disrespected in this manner.

We also know that since this happened there has been no outrage from the Republican Party or their candidates.
Sure, Senator Santorum said that he didn’t hear the booing and denounced it. But the silence among conservatives and Republicans over the disrespect of an American hero has been deafening.

We also believe that if the Democrats had a similar incident where a soldier was booed for supporting the war in Iraq (for example), the outrage among conservatives and Republicans would have been loud and clear. The protesting and hand wringing would have gone on for weeks.

We strongly denounce the behavior of the person who booed our soldier, whatever his reasons were. And we believe the response by the GOP and conservatives should have been just as loud and just as fervent as if this had happened during a Democrat debate.