Brown Urges Continued Use Of The “Secure Communities” Program To Fight Terrorism, Crime

Reiterates Call To Remain Vigilant Against Ongoing Threat Of Terrorism

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) attended a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC) stating his support for the Secure Communities program. Click here for video. “Protecting our borders from illegal entry is vital to the security of our nation,” said Sen. Brown. “I believe the Secure Communities program is an important tool to help ensure that known terrorists and criminals who have entered the United States illegally or overstayed their visas are unable to remain in the country.”

The hearing featured testimony from Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, who, among other topics, discussed measures taken by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and the National Counterterrorism Center since September 11, 2001 to combat terrorism at home and abroad. “We must never let our guard down against the terrorists who are still plotting attacks on our citizens and country every day,” added Brown. “In order to mitigate these threats, federal agencies must continue to implement effective counterterrorism programs, prevent homegrown violent extremism, and ensure the security of our borders.”