Building Careers by Crushing Families

Bharani-PadmanabhanBy: Bharani Padmanabhan, MD
September, 2014

The Valley Patriot helped the Pelletiers escape the corrupt gag order that Children’s Hospital whistled up from a captured Court to protect Dr. Alice Newton – the Eva Justin of Harvard. Justina Pelletier served Dr. Newton to step on up as an “expert” just as the Mulfingen children launched Dr. Justin’s long career within a ‘child protection’ team.

Dr. Newton follows in the footsteps of “experts” like the Eileen Treacy of fake Satanic Ritual Abuse prosecutions and Susan Kelley who consciously helped Middlesex County unjustifiably obliterate the innocent Amiraults thus burnishing her credentials and those of people seeking higher office who claim they care about children, women and middle-class families.

Undeniably that care did not extend to 15 y/o Tiffany Guyette when raped by Jared Remy. Naturally Martha Coakley would not register Remy as a child rapist. In Middlesex County some are more equal. It was inevitable that Middlesex prosecutors and Dr. Newton would find each other, a match made in heaven, preordained, two peas in a pod, two Hallmark kiss-kiss dolls.

The defining characteristic of someone trained by the Middlesex DA’s Office is the readiness to commit fraud on the Court by presenting a brazen fake and expecting everyone to swallow their “expert” as an expert because Middlesex prosecutors say so.

This training is so ingrained ex-Middlesex prosecutors carry it to patronage jobs in other agencies like the Board of Medicine where they claim a pliant prostitute is their “expert” whose very name they then keep secret from the defense.
And ex-Middlesex Prosecutor David Linsky expected us to believe that intact multi-generational loving observant Catholic families must be child abusers because he said so. Rigorous training for sure. Marks them for life.

Like Susan Kelley, condemned by Judge Borenstein as ‘forever unreliable,’ Dr. Newton calls herself a Child Abuse expert and hires herself out to Middlesex. ‘Child Abuse’ Pediatricians peddle testimony based on fraudulent unscientific constructs designed to fabricate the niche, publish papers, build careers and make money, just like Scott Reuben.

To sell themselves ‘Child Abuse’ Pediatricians have now fabricated their own Board Certificate, aiming ‘to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind’ as Orwell put it, just as S&P’s AAA rating for subprime CDOs. We are expected to believe they are real because they are ‘Board Certified’ and charge $5000/day to testify. And who certifies them? The same Scott Reubens who wrote the fake papers. Even Dr. Eli Newberger told the Globe he is unhappy at the “enormous unchecked power” now wielded by ‘Child Abuse’ Pediatricians. Enormous unchecked power is always bad.
Middlesex County’s beloved Satanic Ritual Abuse has been debunked as have Munchausen by Proxy and lobotomies. That did not stop Dr. Newton of course from defaming the Pelletiers with Munchausen and abusing her enormous unchecked power by condemning them to daily ongoing torture watching their young ice dancer now wheelchair-bound.

Dr. Newton never met the Pelletiers before implementing her ‘parent-ectomy’ and, just like Eva Justin, definitely does not love children.

That leaves Shaken Baby Syndrome as the ‘go to’ diagnosis for ‘Child Abuse Pediatricians’ and Middlesex prosecutors with ambition. Naturally Dr. Newton’s “expert” testimony damned innocents in cases lovingly prosecuted by Middlesex. For Middlesex she is a winner like Eileen Treacy or Susan Kelley and that is all Middlesex cares about.

When brazen assertions regarding this alleged syndrome were rigorously tested using hard science by honest scientists with no interest in wielding enormous unchecked power, none of the defining criteria survived. Once again it is vital to detour to our trailblazer Eileen Treacy whose 64 criteria to determine that a 5-year old child had been abused included this gem – ‘He changes friends in school frequently.’
Prosecutors consciously mislead juries with unscientific disproved assertions such as “Shaking alone causes retinal hemorrhages and subdural hematomas even without impact or external signs of abuse.” Apparently if a child has retinal hemorrhages, the child has been shaken, the caregivers should be imprisoned and the prosecutor should become Governor.

Happily not everyone lives within Middlesex’s reality distortion field. We now have before a Middlesex Judge a Motion for a proper Daubert Hearing to determine whether Dr. Newton is an “expert” and her mumbo-jumbo actually real. A whole month has gone without the Judge’s assent. Given that a voir dire is an instant no-brainer when a person’s liberty is at stake, the delay is truly worrisome. This being Massachusetts one easily visualises back-room pressure by the Middlesex DA on the Judge. The Middlesex prosecutor she disappoints today by choosing reality, may haunt her later as Governor.

The Irish nanny case can be human decency’s rare ‘Market Basket’ victory over Middlesex and the Eva Justin of Harvard.
If Middlesex Superior holds a Daubert Hearing, we have the chance of beating back blatant fraud masquerading as science and deliberately using scientific-sounding names, truthiness marauding innocent loving caregivers and their children, and expensive fraud perpetrated on other Courts as Dr. Newton and her ilk escalate their need to wield unchecked power.

When judges do their job properly the story resembles Vinterberg’s film – The Hunt. We should stop yet another Middlesex travesty being visited upon a poor nanny who actually loves children and very unlike Jared Remy is not from Middlesex’s upper class.