Candace Sloane’s Medical Board Opposes Harm Reduction & Wants Patients Dead

By: Bharani Padmanabhan – Jan. 2020

The Massachusetts press loyally serves as the swamp stenographer and is a reliable cheerleader for the government’s fake narratives and outright lies. It is as predictable as the Washington Post and NY Times whitewashing murderous sex-slave raping jihadis as scholars and mourners.

Brad Petrishen and the Worcester Telegram are perfect examples. Inevitably, neither exposed Troopergate and left it to Turtle Boy Sports to investigate.

On Christmas Day 2019 the Telegram gleefully announced, “Milford doctor’s license revoked over opioid prescriptions” and reported with satisfaction on the medical board’s contempt for the principle of Harm Reduction. Rejoice! We are authorized to report that the War on Opioids is within measurable distance of its end!

The truth is more banal and horrible. Turns out Dr. Eugene Jagella is a pain doctor who provided correct care to his patients, many of whom were some of “the neediest in the community.” His patients included some who suffer from Opioid Use Disorder, meaning they must be on safe prescribed opioids to prevent them from dying from street fentanyl.

The federal government has released data for years proving that patients denied medical care are forced to seek relief from street dealers and die, which they would not otherwise. Board Chair Candace Sloane and her medical board have now thrown Dr. Jagella’s patients onto the street and deprived them of compassionate legitimate medical care that they were statutorily entitled to under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

And why did Candace’s board destroy Dr. Jagella? Because a nurse practitioner complained that Dr. Jagella had prescribed “dangerously high levels of medication, including opioids.” The medical board’s support for nurse practitioners over doctors is explicit.

The board’s salaried staff, with not one medical degree between the lot, declared that prescribing 200mg of OxyContin daily was “excessive.” Oxy, it comes in 80mg tablets for a reason. And the patients were just fine.

Even worse, “Jagella also prescribed opiates to a person with a history of heroin addiction “allegedly” to keep him from using heroin, McGrath found, something the investigator said should not have been done.”

Chief Magistrate Edward B. McGrath, “wrote that he came away convinced that Jagella “cares about his patients and acted in what he believed were their best interests” but because Candace’s board declared that practicing Harm Reduction “should not have been done” the Magistrate was compelled to rule against a good physician.

So, Candace’s board is on record declaring that persons with Opioid Use Disorder must be thrown onto the street to die from street fentanyl. The Massachusetts medical board is on record that if a doctor practices Harm Reduction and prevents deaths from street fentanyl, the board will destroy him.

The Massachusetts medical board is as anti-medicine and anti-science as Lysenko. It is heartless, cold, sociopathic, evil. It is also totally contrary to the position of all addiction specialists and patients.

Massachusetts has numerous experienced professionals, such as Leo Beletsky at Northeastern, who have been advocating for Harm Reduction with both hard data and common sense. The Massachusetts ACLU has taken many jails and sheriffs to court and prevailed under the ADA to prevent precisely what Candace’s board has done to Dr.Jagella’s poor patients. We must ensure that the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine must not receive even one cent from the various opioid court settlements.

The fish rots from the head down, and this latest destruction of a compassionate, knowledgeable physician who worked hard to keep his patients alive and away from harm, perfectly reflects the impact of non-clinician Candace Sloane’s illegal seven consecutive years as Board Chair.

And the Telegram cheered loudly.

When Dr. Jagella’s patients die from street fentanyl, decent human beings must hold the state board and Candace Sloane personally responsible for their preventable death, and question why the Telegram newspaper is still alive. ◊