Lawrence City Council refuses to set tax rate, sticks freshmen councilors with budget mess

Blanchette Pats himself on the back while purposely trying to create budget deficit, state takeover    By: Tom Duggan, December, 2009   Under the leadership of Council President Patrick Blanchette, the Lawrence City Council spent the last two years taking “symbolic” budget votes, blaming the Sullivan administration for their own inaction, and refusing to pass […]

The City of Lawrence has No Idea What is About to Hit Them

The City of Lawrence has No Idea What is About to Hit Them

  PAYING ATTENTION with Tom Duggan – November, 2009 Few people can really understand the magnitude of the changes that are about to occur in the City of Lawrence with the election of State Representative Willie Lantigua (da chief). Not only did Willie win an overwhelming victory on Election Day, but almost every one of […]

Lantigua victory masterfully done – now the real work begins

Lantigua victory masterfully done – now the real work begins

  By: Robert O’Koniewski – November, 2009 The votes are in and Lawrence finally has met demographic expectations to attain its first popularly elected mayor of Hispanic descent. We will not use the trite adjective of “historic” to describe State Representative William Lantigua’s victory over District E City Councilor David Abdoo, as that has really […]

Today we are all Lawrencians

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL November, 2009   In last month’s race for the Mayor’s office in Lawrence, Willie Lantigua (da chief) defeated David Abdoo. While we have some serious reservations about Lantigua’s ability to manage the city of Lawrence, as well as the character of those insiders he has surrounded himself with, today is a new day. The election is […]

Who Will Lead Lawrence? An Evaluation of the two Candidates for Mayor in 2009

By: Tom Duggan – October, 2009 ELECTION EDITION Lawrence Mayor Michael Sullivan is finishing his final term because the city charter limits the mayor’s job to two, four year terms. Sullivan defeated Isabel Melendez in 2001 and Marcos Devers in 2005. Ironically Willie Lantigua endorsed and supported Isabel Melendez in ’01 but flipped in ’05 […]

If you don’t vote, you’re part of the problem

VALLEY PATRIOT EDITORIAL   October, 2009 Last month, the city of Methuen held a preliminary election for mayor and city council and only 9% of the registered voters bothered to participate. In Lawrence, only 30% of the registered voters participated in their preliminary and that was considered unusually high. Though many candidates would like to blame their opponents or the […]

Five of ten mayoral candidates fail to file campaign finances

Five of ten mayoral candidates fail  to file campaign finances

  By: Tom Duggan – October, 2009 Only half of the ten candidates running for mayor in Lawrence filed their campaign finances reports with Lawrence City clerk Billy Maloney by the September 15th deadline before the primary. By state law, candidates for all municipal offices must record and file a detailed accounting of all money raised and spent on […]

Obama Wants Change… But Change to What?

Valley Patriot Editorial May, 2008 The nationwide exposure of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church rantings provides startling insight into the kind of challenges facing this country’s progress toward better race relations.   It was indeed an eye-opener for most Americans to learn about the lies, racial slurs and divisiveness being preached to some black congregations. The Reverend Wright […]

Stokes Arraigned in US District Court in Boston Charged with forging Military Discharge Papers

Says he will not resign from Lawrence School Committee     by Tom Duggan, posted 1/9/08 BOSTON, – January 9, 2008 – Elected Lawrence School Committeeman James Stokes was arraigned in Federal Court in Boston today after being arrested at Top Donut on Winthrop Avenue by Lawrence Police and Federal Agents.  Lawrence Police took Stokes […]

Voters show Discontent with Lawrence City Council

    By:Tom Duggan – October, 2007  District “A” – Council president survives … barely Lawrence city council president Patrick Blanchette rightly brags that his family name has been on the ballot in the Prospect Hill section of Lawrence for more than 25 years.  However, the embattled District “A” councilor nearly lost his seat on […]

Tracy Watson to run for Selectman

  VALLEY PATRIOT EXCLUSIVE By: Tom Duggan – October, 2007 NORTH ANDOVER –  Tracy Watson has announced to The Valley Patriot that she will run for the Board of Selectman this March. There are two open seats for Selectmen this coming election with the announcements from Selectmen Licciardello and Xenakis of their intentions not to […]

Ogonowski: Niki Tsongas Supports Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

  “I will Support a Border Fence and Deporting Illegals”   September 21, 2007 Fifth District Congressional candidate Jim Ogonowski visited Lawrence again Friday morning holding a press conference at the Lawrence Fire Station on Lowell Street. Ogonowski spoke for ten minutes before a small crowd of Lawrence residents declaring his support for deporting illegal […]