Let's Talk About Food (Addiction)

By: Pennie Hale – March, 2013 I hope shoveling snow counts as a high-calorie burning activity. With all the snow we got this winter, I had to have burned about a million calories. Spring is right around the corner now and I hope to get outdoors more. I want to open all the windows of […]

Let’s Talk About Food Addiction

  By: Pennie Hale – February 2013 Is there a secret to weight loss? Do some people know the secret while others don’t? When you see someone successfully losing weight, are you envious? Have you seen tv commercials that claim to know the secret? Have you invested money in commercial weight-loss programs? Have you purchased […]

How Supermarkets Sabotage Dieters- Let's Talk About Food Addiction with Pennie Hale

By: Pennie Hale – April, 2012 Sabotage! Why is it that whenever you make it known to your family, friends and co-workers that you are dieting, they seem to want to contribute to your diet failure? I cannot count the number of times that I have been quietly eating my carefully planned, calorie-counted meal when […]