Chang’s TKD Celebrates 10 Years of Community Service

 August, 2012

We did it! Chang’s Taekwondo America is celebrating 10 years of community service in Haverhill as well as 1st year anniversary in Methuen. As a result of this success we are celebrating with our families and community leaders at both locations. In Haverhill our event will be held at the school on August 15 and in Methuen the celebration will be on August 22nd . We would like to invite the general public to join our festivities at either location. Both will highlight student demonstrations and appetizers and soft drinks. For more information please contact: 978-655-1473.

 Haverhill -Wednesday, August 15, 5-7PM at Dudley Plaza

5-7 Dudley Street

(next to Domino’s Pizza Rt. 125)


Methuen – Wednesday, August 22, 5-7PM at Executive Plaza

230 Pleasant Street

(near Route 213 and The Loop)


During this economic downturn we have heard many sad stories of small businesses inability to withstand these difficult times. What a pleasure it is to announce our success in not only surviving but thriving – even opening a new school in Methuen. We would like to take this opportunity to thank and appreciate all our wonderful families and supporters who have stayed with us through their own challenges knowing that Taekwondo would help them through these tough times and overcome obstacles, lead healthier, happier and more productive lives it has as it will help countless others.

Taekwondo is more than kicking and punching, it is an effective and useful way of thinking and living. Our vision for the next 10 years is to expand our programs into the public schools and local business.

We will reach more children, families and professionals while assisting both the school and business communities create higher standards and achievement for both students and employees. Our long relationship with the Haverhill community has offered us many opportunities to get involved with several organizations that are in alignment with our mission to provide the best martial arts education in the Merrimack Valley and create leaders one black belt at a time.

Please join us in celebrating a “good news” story in our community. It is important that we celebrate our successes in these very unsteady economic times. Don’t miss this positive and energetic event.