Chelsie Golan of North Andover Wins The Valley Patriot, Artie T. DeMoulas Scholarship

April, 2015

Chelsie Golan of North Andover wins the Artie T. DeMoulas Scholarship, flanked by Tammy and Fred Baldassari, parents of MTV’s Brittany Baldi

The Valley Patriot newspaper gave out the first ever Artie T. DeMoulas Scholarship to a Market Basket employee attending or enrolled in college. This scholarship is named the Artie T. DeMoulas Scholarship to honor the man who led the revolt to save our MORE FOR YOUR DOLLAR STORE and to thank the employees of Market Basket for standing by Artie T.

The first ever winner of this scholarship is North Andover High School graduate, Chelsie Golan. Chelsie graduated in 2011, works at the Market Basket store in Salem, NH, and joined the United States Navy.

Before receiving her award, Fred and Tammy Baldassari, the parents of MTV star Brittany Baldi, came up from the audience to present Chelsie and the other scholarship winners with something special from Brittany.

On the widescreen TV in the hall of the Firefighters Relief’s In beamed the image of their daughter from Hollywood wishing the scholarship winners well, and encouraging them to get their degrees and finish school before embarking on their dreams.

“I thought I would take a minute from shooting and congratulate all the award winners tonight, especially the high school students from Lawrence High School, The Greater Lawrence Tech and Chelsie Golan, the very first winner of the Artie T. DeMoulas Scholarship,” Baldi said.

“Tommy asked me if I could give some advice to the scholarship winners tonight who will be graduating high school and heading off to college in the fall.”

“I finished college before I moved out here to Hollywood and I know it sounds cliché but think about it, you always have to have something to fall back on in life. If you don’t have that, no matter what you do you will always have limitations because life never turns out the way you plan it. We all fall on hard times and when that happens you need options. Having a degree gives you options. It opens the door to opportunities.”

“My dad used to always tell me to make sure I finished my degree because you don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m glad I listened to him. I think the biggest advice I can give anyone is, get your degree but also think hard about what you are going to do with that degree, make sure it’s something that you love to do.”

“Don’t become a doctor just because doctors make a lot of money. Become a doctor because you truly want to help people …. if it’s something you will really love doing.”

“I know my success … and certainly Tom’s success here tonight is because we both really love what we do. No matter what the perks or the downsides are at times, we do it because we love it. But if all that falls apart tomorrow for either of us, we both have degrees to fall back on.”

“Thank you to Tommy, The Valley Patriot, WCAP and Everyone who sponsors the BASH that makes these scholarships possible. Congratulations to all the winners tonight. Especially Chelsie, I think giving scholarships for Market Basket Employees is really the bomb and I wish we had Market Baskets here in LA, we need it!”

You can ALWAYS find The Valley Patriot at Market Basket stores from Leominster to Hampstead, NH and everywhere in between.