Chemicals Everywhere ~ THE DOCTOR IS IN

By: Pierre Ghassibi

I do not know why we do not talk more about the effect on our health of the chemicals that surround us every day.

Many of us are turning vegan because we know about the cruelty to animals in our slaughterhouses, because animal farming has a worse effect on pollution and greenhouse effect than using petrol and coal for energy, but also because we can use more land to harvest more food for the growing world population. But there is a more selfish pressing reason: cancer.

In addition to diabetes and heart disease, our industrial chemicals are a big cause of cancer.

The rate of cancer has increased many folds in the past many years.
Chemicals that leach out of many plastics, insecticides, fire retardant products, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, air pollution, industrial wastes that are discarded in our rivers and oceans, etc., have been known to increase the risk of cancer many fold.

I do not know why this fact is not more public or studied in medical school or even in our undergraduate levels, in high school. Genetics and viruses are only a small part of the causes of cancer; the hundreds of chemicals that we are exposed to are the major cause.
They could also be the cause of our autoimmune diseases like MS, lupus, ulcerative colitis, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Tissue biopsies reveal that our flesh these days contains hundreds of chemicals that the body cannot metabolize (how would it know, since these are not natural biological substances).
Let me refer you to the book of Donald Hoernschemeyer, Ph.D. “Healthy Living In A Contaminated World.” It is very easy to read and practical.

Let us use less plastics, not heat plastics in the microwave, throw away old plastic containers, use as little detergents, perfumes, and makeup as possible, less cleaning chemicals, less supplements (the great majority of which are useless), less sugary drinks, less alcohol.
Let us eat a plant-based diet.

P. Ghassibi, MD ◊