‘Child Welfare Advocates’ and the ‘Kids for Harvard’ Travesty

justinapelletierdemoBy: Dr. Bharani Padmanabhan
May, 2014

The definition of a “Child Welfare Advocate” in Massachusetts is someone who supports total secrecy within the Juvenile Court system and sealing every document so even the children allegedly being advocated for are under threat of prosecution for releasing their own records – for their own protection of course. Docket number? Sealed! Witnesses? Sealed! Evidence? Sealed! DCF staff names? Sealed!

In Pennsylvania they just sentenced another from their “Kids for Cash” travesty. The crime ran unchecked for years eventually damning 6000 children all of whom had had court-appointed “guardians”, “advocates” and other corrupt spineless wastes of space who all chose to let the judges have their way with the children. 6000 times.

All alleged ”Child Welfare Advocates” in Pennsylvania who kept quiet all those years, bowing and scraping, ingratiating themselves with the system in the hope of being rewarded with appointments as Guardian ad Litem or such at Public Expense in future cases, are undeniably complicit in that massive crime against children and their parents.

The US First Circuit ruled that the statutes do NOT make sealing of juvenile court cases mandatory. There is a compelling Constitutional and public interest to let sunlight in. Massachusetts chooses to seal everything in order to enable corruption and hide alleged ”Child Welfare Advocates” from the law.

“[A]s compelling as that interest [in protecting the minor victims] is, it does NOT justify a mandatory closure rule, for it is clear that the circumstances of the particular case may affect the significance of the interest.” http://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-1st-circuit/1301484.html

Sunlight MUST be the default option. The US Supreme Court ruled that secrecy MUST be decided on a case-by-case basis. Massachusetts does not care about Supreme Court rulings. AG Martha Coakley fought against federal child protection standards.

“Advocates” making nice with the system, like Wendy Murphy (“BLABBING on and on about freedom of speech gets the parents nowhere …”), have expressed consternation at public opposition to the unwritten ‘gag order’ issued by the juvenile court in the Pelletier case.

Alleged ”Child Welfare Advocates” decried the efforts of the Pelletiers to discuss the corrupt actions of the despicable Judge Johnston who even blocked them from hiring an attorney of their choice. Naturally alleged ”Child Welfare Advocates” approved when Mass-DCF moved to have the parents imprisoned.

These alleged ”Child Welfare Advocates” also had no ethical qualms about letting the public know they were privy to serious dirt on the Pelletier family but could not reveal it.

One such, Gov. Deval Patrick, actually wrote to the Legislature – “Justina is in DCF custody” because “a judge ruled that her parents were unfit to care for her (…..) based on a detailed record of the history of neglect in the home.” http://michaelgraham.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/ltr-to-Rep.-Lombardo-.pdf

Both he and David Linsky consciously LIED about the Executive Branch not having the power to release the child – http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/docs/dcf/regs/110cmr9.pdf

Gov. Patrick counted on alleged ”Child Welfare Advocates” to dutifully defend him so they can continue parasitizing off the taxpayer. They did and labelled as “Patrick-haters” those asking Gov. Patrick to prove his statements.

Get it? If you want Gov. Patrick to be held accountable, you are a “Patrick-hater.”

It reminds me of the liberal progressive who asked Galina – “But does he love Lenin?” – when she applied to have Solzhenitsyn taken off the blacklist. https://www.flickr.com/photos/scleroplex/8295372004/

All alleged ”Child Welfare Advocates” who support secrecy, Harvard’s “parent-ectomies” and abuse of process by the despicable Judge Johnston and others, bowing and scraping, ingratiating themselves with the system in the hope of being rewarded with appointments as Guardian ad Litem or such at public expense in future cases, are undeniably complicit in massive crimes against children, their parents and the Constitutional foundations of these United States.

This includes alleged ”Child Welfare Advocates” in the Legislature, like Linsky and Sheila Harrington, who stood in the floor of the House and consciously LIED on behalf of Harvard’s hospital and a corrupt judge that there are “tons of red flags and evidence documenting severe neglect of children in the Pelletier home.” Linsky and Harrington are enraged that the parents pushed for transparency and sunlight.

Decent folk were also treated to the shamefully creepy spectacle of alleged ”Child Welfare Advocates” declaring that all judges nobly adhere to the oath of office. Yeah, like the judges of Pennsylvania. The corruption of Brad Jones was unmistakable in his refusal to ask for a Roll Call vote while defeating the honest Lyons-Lombardo amendment.

All alleged ”Child Welfare Advocates” in the Pelletier travesty (aka “Kids for Harvard”) should be prosecuted in Federal Court for honest services fraud and not reporting felonies. The despicable Judge Johnston and Gov. Patrick know that too, which is why they begged Connecticut to concoct a pre-dated file of neglect, just to save themselves from prison.

Dr. Bharani is a neurologist who specializes in multiple sclerosis in the Boston area. scleroplex@gmail.com