Christine Morabito to Head Gr. Boston Tea Party

Both incoming and Outgoing Tea Party Presidents are Valley Patriot Contributors

VALLEY PATRIOT STAFF – December 26, 2011

The Greater Boston Tea Party has elected as their new president, Valley Patriot columnist Christine Morabito.

Morabito replaces another Valley Patriot columnist, Christen Varley, who served as the first president and is credited with organizing and promoting the Greater Boston Tea Party (as well as other chapters) to the successful organization that it is today.


Morabito is a local nurse and one of the founders of The Merrimack Valley Tea Party and has served on its’ board since 2009. She serves as a committee chair. She has also served on the steering committee of the Greater Boston Tea Party since the organization’s incorporation in 2010. She will serve as president of the Greater Boston Tea Party for two years, beginning January 1, 2012.

“Christine has been a dedicated activist within the movement and has exhibited outstanding leadership qualities in her writing, her public speaking and her service to the Greater Boston Tea Party,” said Christen Varley, outgoing president.

“I have complete confidence Christine can successfully lead the organization through the exciting months ahead of us.”

Valley Patriot publisher Tom Duggan said that the Greater Boston Tea Party could not have picked a more dedicated and organized person to head the grassroots organization.

“Fact is, the Tea Party Movement nationwide needs a clear message and a focus on promoting the organization, growing it, and using it to make a difference, but not just on the national stage it really needs to focus on local issues and local elections,” Duggan said.

“Christine Morabito gets that. She gets the evolving political landscape and she knows what the Tea Party needs right now. I am going to miss Christen Varley, she leaves very big shoes to fill. She has done Herculean work to make sure the organization had legitimacy and purpose. But, she has left the Greater Boston Tea Party in capable hands. I don’t think we have heard the last of Christen. There are really big things in store for her.”

In 2012, the Greater Boston Tea Party will to continue its mission of educating and informing voters as well as advocating for and against public policy at both the state and national level. Monthly meetings, guest speakers and public rallies are scheduled for the next nine months as the nation looks to elect a President and Federal legislators.

“When we articulate the principles of limited government, free speech, free markets, individual liberty and personal responsibility, we will naturally grow our numbers and have a positive effect on public policy, both locally and nationally,” said Ms. Morabito. “I am both humbled and honored to have been chosen by the steering committee to be the next president of the Greater Boston Tea Party.”

Patrick Humphries was re-elected to serve as treasurer of the group, while Christen Varley was elected to serve as secretary. The steering committee nominates and elects officers every two years. New terms commence January 1, 2012 and end December 31, 2013. Other members of the Steering Committee include Austin Hess, Katherine Malone, Peter Laird and Ralph Zazula.

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