Clean-Up on Aisle Brandon

By: Ken Willette – March, 2022

President Biden has created a quagmire of such nightmarish proportions that as a dedicated and educated student of history and politics for decades, I personally don’t know the ultimate outcome of his unprecedented weakness on the world stage. But anyone who witnessed the follies of Brandon over his 50 years of public service should have known what they were buying into.

Brandon, to put it straightforward, is a liar, a cheat, and a plagiarist— which are character flaws that are very damning to a politician sworn to protect the Constitution and operate impartially in good faith on behalf of the American people.

Let us first observe his inaugural address. He literally committed his soul to promote national unity, which evaporated his first week in office. On climate change, the other side was destroying the planet. On voting rights, the other side was denying minorities the right to vote. On political extremism, every day was a repeat of January 6th. Anyone who questioned Fauci was practicing science from the Middle Ages. The level of disdain, scorn and hatred scared many Americans. The noble concepts of unity and bipartisanship were trampled.

But when you have built a sandcastle constructed on lies and propaganda, it is only a matter of time before you need the help of others to stop the inevitable collapse. Brandon recently pleaded with Republicans and Independents to see his point of view. But Leftists stated that if you don’t fully support Brandon’s approach to Russia, you are nothing but a puppet of Putin. Really? Let’s examine that accusation.

Invasion of Ukraine first occurred under Obama, when the Crimea was targeted; and the current mass incursion followed under Biden’s watch. Both Presidents repeatedly stated that they knew how to control Putin. Both Presidents were historically wrong that they believed a KGB agent could be an honest political actor.

On the other hand, Trump put sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, motivated NATO members to increase their military budgets by billions of dollars and sold Patriot missiles to Poland. Yet Leftists accused Trump of being the puppet. Such delusional thinking!

The President of Ukraine begged for sanctions and military aid long before the first hours of Russian aggression. Nothing was done. Biden had lifted the sanctions on Nord Stream 2 (Pro-Russian jobs) and shut down the Keystone Pipeline (Anti-American loss of 11,000 jobs).

While Trump’s policies restored America’s status as a net exporter of oil, Brandon destroyed all that energy independence in one year. As of the date of this column, America is still buying Russian oil and supplying blood money to Putin’s immoral war.
Brandon is still sucking up to Putin’s energy industry, which has remained unharmed by any sanctions at all. Both Obama and Biden objected to providing Javelins weapons to Ukraine. Trump was working to ensure that the new Ukraine President was dedicated to tackling corruption in the courts and he ended up being impeached.

Brandon is ill-equipped to tackle hyperinflation, confront tyrants, and compromise with opposition leaders he loves to demonize. For a man who does not operate in good faith, why should we trust him now. God help America, Europe, and Ukraine as a result of Brandon’s spineless political soul. ◊