Commitment to Growth and Remembrance in Methuen and Lawrence

By: State Rep. Francisco Paulino

Dear Residents of Methuen and Lawrence,

It is with a heart full of pride that I recount a recent moment of honor and duty.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Methuen’s finest—Ryan Campbell, Adam Marino, Kyle Sheehy, and Liam Sheehy—at their graduation in Stow, Massachusetts, I witnessed the embodiment of courage and commitment. Their rigorous training in Hazardous Materials and LNG/LPG operations is a testament to their dedication to safeguard our community.

Beyond the firehouse, my efforts in healthcare education continue. I’m fervently advocating for increased funding to improve understanding of MassHealth recertification, ensuring our community has access to necessary healthcare resources.

As a member of the Joint Committee on Revenue, I am deeply invested in the welfare of our senior veterans. They have served us unconditionally, and it is our moral imperative to reciprocate with legislation that upholds their dignity and honors their service.

In Lawrence, we recently paid homage to two of our bravest—Alex Jimenez and Greg Kent—whose sacrifices are forever etched in our hearts. They remind us of the precious freedoms we enjoy, and the price paid for these liberties. Their memory compels us to live with gratitude and to continually fight for the rights of every American.

Together, our dedication to safety, our resolve for health education, and our reverence for sacrifice strengthen the bonds within our communities of Methuen and Lawrence. Let’s move forward with respect for our past and an unwavering commitment to our collective future.

Rep Francisco E Paulino ◊

Francisco Paulino is in his first year as a state representative in Massachusetts, representing Lawrence and Methuen.