Commonwealth Responds to Methuen’s Request for Increase in Federal Aid


Methuen Mayor Neil  Perry said on Friday that he is grateful for the broad support Methuen has received from congress and the local delegation that resulted in Governor Charlie Baker’s announcement this morning that an additional 100 million dollars in aid will be distributed between Methuen, Everett, Chelsea, and Randolph.

While these four cities were negatively impacted by the initial formula used to allocate federal funds from the America Rescue Plan, this additional aid allocation will help to bring equity to these communities.

Mayor Perry said he would like to thank Governor Charlie Baker for acknowledging this issue and quickly working to implement a solution. Methuen’s Federal and State delegations worked diligently with Mayor Perry to ensure Methuen received a more equitable distribution of funds.

Congresswoman Lori Trahan, Senator Diana DiZoglio, Representatives Linda Dean Campbell, Frank Moran, and Christina Minicucci have all been instrumental in assisting Mayor Perry with getting more funds allocated to help Methuen recover from Covid-19.

“The relief in the American Rescue Plan for cities and towns like Methuen who have shouldered far more than their share of the burden in responding to this pandemic is long overdue,” said Congresswoman Lori Trahan.

“I applaud the decision by Governor Baker to ensure that Methuen and other hard-hit communities receive robust relief, which is exactly what Congress intended when we approved this historic package. As a strong supporter of the American Rescue Plan, my team and I will continue to work with Mayor Perry and municipal leaders across the Third District to ensure each community gets the relief they’re owed.”

This is an example of government at its finest – Federal, State, and Local government working together to resolve an identified issue and best serve the public. Mayor Perry sent a letter to Governor Baker, Congresswoman Trahan, and the entire State delegation once he learned of the negative impact the allocation of federal funds would have on Methuen. All elected officials responded immediately to Mayor Perry’s letter and worked together seamlessly to ensure that Methuen received a more equitable allocation of funds. The residents of Methuen will greatly benefit from this collaboration, as we move our community forward and work to combat the effects of COVID-19.

“It is critical that the City of Methuen receives the resources it needs out of the American Rescue Plan,” Said Senator DiZoglio.

“I am so grateful to Mayor Perry for his leadership in raising awareness around the City receiving a disproportionately small level of funding from the relief package and his advocacy alongside us in ensuring the City will receive a more equitable allocation of funds. I’m also thankful Governor Baker has now committed to providing the City with additional supports.

Moving forward, however, it is imperative that the Governor work closely with both state and local officials, instead of continuing to work around them, so that Methuen residents get the support they need and deserve from the state to recover from the tragic toll of the pandemic. There remains much work to be done but these funds will play an important role in helping local efforts to expand vaccines, safely reopen our schools and help Methuen families make ends meet.”

“I am grateful to the Mayor for his strong leadership on this issue, and to the Methuen state delegation for their advocacy. My colleagues joined me in writing a letter to the Governor to initiate dialogue requesting additional support for Methuen, and I am thankful to the Governor for his immediate response,” said Representative Linda Dean Campbell.

“Our Congresswoman Lori Trahan continues to strongly advocate for our communities here in the Merrimack Valley, and this funding is absolutely critical at this stage in our economic recovery. As one of the hardest hit cities in the Commonwealth, Methuen will put these dollars to good use to support residents and businesses. Since this aid will come from various federal funding mechanisms, my colleagues and I and the Mayor will continue to be vigilant and aggressive in ensuring this funding is distributed in a timely manner.”