Companion Care Services Seeks Volunteers for Vets in Nursing Homes

felicia2Alicia Nordin of Companion Care Services of New England says with more part time volunteers she would be able to service more nursing home residents, in particular, military veterans. Alicia’s non-profit was established to provide companionship to seniors who may not have any family to visit them.

“We all worked in the field for so long and we know what nursing home residents experience every day. It gets harder all the time because of budget cuts and all the new regulations on nursing homes. We find ourselves spending more time on paperwork and less time with our residents.”

Companion Care Services of New England cares for nursing home residents in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

“We are looking for people to volunteer and spend time with a senior, specifically for those who don’t have family or loved ones to come in and visit them,” Nordin says.

“We are purposely targeting military veterans who served their country and may not have family or loved ones to visit them and keep them company. Our volunteers are here to provide companionship and fill that void. That’s why our motto is: ‘we are there when others can’t be.”
Nordin has a soft spot for our veterans, probably because her husband is a disabled veteran from the Air Force.

Nordin says she tries to encourage volunteers to work around their own schedule, adding that many people don’t like to volunteer because they don’t have a lot of time to give and don’t want a big commitment. “We want people to know that you can go spend 15 or 20 minutes with nursing home residents and even that little time mean so much to the residents, it makes them feel special.”

She says some of her volunteers have a little more time and coordinate activities like book clubs, while others just do a couple of visits a week based on their availability.

“We even have a pastor who volunteers to do a bible study group and it makes such a difference.” Nordin says.

Nordin and her volunteers are reaching out to civic organizations and church groups who want to reach beyond their flock and help those in need of ministry.

To volunteer with Companion Care Services of New England contact Alicia Nordin at (603) 682-4622 or email them at: You can also visit their website at: