Confronting Evil in a Dangerous Time of Appeasement

By: Kenneth Willette – Nov.  2023

The Squad—a radical cabal operating without reproach in the US House of Representatives– is seeking a Congressional Resolution (CR) that would be equivalent to sending an unarmed social worker to resolve the genocidal actions of terrorists. How on God’s green earth will a proposed cease fire even remotely address the deadly hostility of Hamas toward a multiethnic and democratically elected society such as Israel?

Because unequivocally embedded in the Hamas charter is a defined Final Solution that Hitler would easily recognize and endorse. Chanting ‘From the River to the Sea’ sounds frighteningly like Hitler’s Jew-Free Europe manifesto. It has been roundly condemned by the Anti-Defamation League as anti-Jewish hate speech. Genocide is genocide regardless of the century. Hamas is only interested in total annihilation, not peaceful cohabitation. How does a cease fire release the hostages? It doesn’t, and the Squad knows it. What is even scarier is that there are 13 co-sponsors—all left-leaning Democrats– to this misguided and weak CR.

Federal law enforcement is still rightly concerned about the activities of the KKK, which reached its zenith before World War II. Out of a nationwide population of approximately 335 million people, there are only 3,000 KKK members. They must be ostracized and monitored due to their vile activities. According to the Department of Justice, there are roughly 3,500 Neo-Nazi sympathizers. Again, another group that must be constantly tracked and condemned.

Unfortunately, the more ominous shadow of racial hatred and blatant antisemitism now lies with the 90,000 Democratic Socialists, whose organization has apparently aligned with the tens of thousands of Pro-Hamas followers on college campuses across this supposedly inclusive country.

Why are these students and protestors who are endorsing the atrocities of Hamas not automatically identified as purveyors of hate by liberal newspapers, university administrations, trustees, and progressive think tanks? Why the vanilla, non-committal, ‘can we understand both sides’ declarations of such alleged intellectuals?

This apparent nexus between Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) supporters and Pro-Hamas sycophants is beyond reasonable, constitutionally protected discourse. American Jewish citizens are being cornered, accosted, physically attacked and terrorized. Where is the collective outrage from Washington? How long before America experiences the Night of Broken Glass? If you think Kristallnacht cannot happen here, there are thousands in our major cities who may take that next fateful step.

Why are foreign students on visas who openly endorse terrorism not immediately deported? Why is the New York Times (NYT) so eager to publicize the propaganda of Hamas, without independent, on the ground verification? The retraction of a shockingly false NYT story that the Israelis launched a missile attack on a Gaza hospital, already did significant damage and inflamed the Middle East.

Why are elite schools rushing to protect students who support Hamas and subsequently lost scholarships, internships, and job offers? Wouldn’t their energies be better directed to counseling Jewish students and faculty members, adding campus security measures and expelling students who engage in documented hate crimes?

Good luck attempting to mediate a resolution at the United Nations (UN). The UN has devolved into an immoral and tyrannical cesspool. An international entity supposedly dedicated to the agenda of world peace, that deems Iran worthy of chairing the UN Human Rights Council, has lost its moral credibility a long time ago.

Long a sounding board for virulent antisemitic speeches and General Assembly votes invoking anti-Zionist conspiracies, why are we wasting our hard-earned tax dollars to subsidize a platform for regimes that are anti-Jew, anti-gay and anti-woman. These pariah states gleefully celebrate genocide, engage in mass imprisonment of dissidents, promote no other religion than their own and instill strict Islamic law. No thank you!

Gaza has emerged as a parasitic incubator of terrorists and sleeper cells, but our taxpayer dollars, dispensed without any UN accountability, subsidize their savage ethos. Everything points that Palestinian leadership in the West Bank is not engaging in the same terrorist tactics, so it is safe to say that some still favor peaceful coexistence. In fact, many Palestinians in Israel identify themselves as Israelis in polling data. That non-confrontational element will have to rise above the eventual ashes of Hamas.

At one point during the Cold War, the UN served as an effective vehicle to resolve the threat of nuclear Armageddon between the United States and the Soviet Union. In fact, President Kennedy masterfully crafted the televised evidence at the UN against Soviet incursions during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The calling out of Soviet encroachment to a global audience, the authorization of a blockade by neighboring nations (Organization of American States) and successful back-channel diplomacy prevented World War III. Now the UN is nothing but a viper’s nest of anti-West, communist, dictatorial, and fundamentalist Islamic bile. The body politics needs to be cleansed, as the UN was originally intended to promote democratic nations, not evil actors, religious fanatics, and war criminals.

We must remove ourselves from the colossal failure of the UN, through the creation of a new League of Democracies. We must optimize our economic, military, and consumer might to promote multiethnic harmony, religious freedom, equality of women and fair elections. To borrow a term from the DC Comics, the Iranian theocrats, Assad’s Syria, Cuba, China, and Russia can form their own Legion of Doom. The young citizens residing in the Legion of Doom absolutely despise their governments. Why give a financial lifeline to those who seek to wage war, who call Jews subhuman and who deny human rights?

Biden’s policies have directly fueled the carnage in the Middle East. Despite the deaths of thousands of Iranian protestors against Iran’s Islamic theocracy, Biden relaxed $80 billion in oil sanctions leveled against that terrorist state. The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Hamas leadership met directly with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to strategize the October 7th massacre in Israel.

Between killing young Iranian women over a strict Islamic dress code, funding terrorism throughout the Middle East, funneling weaponry to Russia in its fight against Ukraine and harassing international shipping, what sea change in Iran’s behavior would cause the Biden administration to open Iran’s oil market? There was no change.

I am confident the UN building will fetch top dollar in today’s real estate market when we finally wake up and terminate this façade of a peacemaking organization. ◊