Congressional Candidate Juana Matias Unveils Healthcare Policy Proposal


Lawrence, MA – Juana Matias, State Representative and candidate for Congress in Massachusetts’ Third Congressional District, today unveiled her comprehensive health care policy plan. The plan includes innovative ideas to address skyrocketing prescription drug costs, and proposals to protect and strengthen the Affordable Care Act while working toward Medicare for All. It also calls for full funding of Planned Parenthood, Medicare, CHIP, and Medicaid.

“This is a deeply personal issue for me,” said Rep. Matias. “Five years ago, my father Arcenio was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. If it weren’t for MassHealth, my family and I would not have had those nine extra months with him before he lost his fight with the disease. Even with MassHealth though, I spent countless hours on the phone fighting to ensure that he would keep his coverage so he could continue the treatment he needed.

“No family should have to choose between essential health care and putting food on the table. Yet for too many people, a catastrophic illness comes with costs they cannot afford and the threat of losing their access to healthcare. Healthcare is a basic human right, and it is simply unacceptable that in the wealthiest nation in the world, a person’s economic status determines whether or not they can access lifesaving care. We need universal healthcare now, and I’m confident that the policies in this plan will get us there in a sustainable manner.”

Rep. Juana Matias has dedicated her career to serving the communities of the Third District – as a caseworker, a legal advocate, and, currently, a state representative. The Matias family settled in Haverhill when Juana was five. Juana’s parents spent nearly 20 years working blue-collar factory jobs, often at minimum wages, to provide for Juana and her three brothers. They would eventually save enough to start a small family business and achieve their American Dream. Juana attended Haverhill’s public schools and worked her way through UMass-Boston and Suffolk Law School. If elected, she would be New England’s first Latina member of Congress.

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